The Gay-Kimball Library is a Public Library made possible by Walter N. Gay’s land donation in 1927 and a bequest from Warren Kimball’s estate in 1945.

Our mission is to meet the recreational and informational needs of the community in a creative, professional, and welcoming manner. The Library will offer diverse resources and provide a community meeting place for people of all ages.


The Library has more evening hours to serve you better:

  • Tuesday 10am – 7pm
  • Wednesday & Thursday 2pm – 7pm 
  • Saturday 10am – 2pm

We hope this will give everyone more opportunity to fit the Awesomeness that is the Gay-Kimball Library into their busy schedules. We cannot wait to see you even more often!!

What’s going on at the Library?

      • Every day is Lego Day at the Library. Stop by when it you can and make cool stuff with our logos – we have A LOT! When you’re done, we’ll take pictures of your creation and post them on our Facebook page.
      • GET SNAPPY! LIGHT IT UP! SPIN IT! MAKE SOME NOISE! Every Thursday from 5:30-7pm, we’ll have Snap Circuits waiting for you to make something happen. Don’t worry! We’ll show you how it all works and then video your projects and post them on Facebook.
      • Cooking: the Book Group – a book club meets cooking group!  Wednesday, February 21th at 6:30pm.  This month we’ll be cooking from any one of the Moosewood Cookbooks. We’ll have several for you to choose from. Give the library a call (242-7743) so we know that you are coming and what you want to bring.
      • Book Group: Tuesday, February 20th at 4pm. They’ll be reading and discussing Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly.  We have plenty, come pick a copy up today.
      • Blind Date with a Book: In February let us set you up on a blind date with a book (and maybe some DVDs)! It’s easy – all you have to do is come in and pick a book based solely on the blurb we’ve written. If it doesn’t work out, you can dump it in the book drop at any time.
  • And this……

    • Reminder: There is a book return box located at the Troy Elementary School in the reading room to make it easier to return your books.  I check it every Wednesday.
    • Seriously, we have A LOT of children’s and young adult books!  Please come get some.
    • Early Literacy Backpacks: These kits checkout for a week and are meant for families to enjoy at home together. Two themes are currently available: Letters and Numbers and Visit the Zoo. Ask about them today! Thanks to the Reading Nook program, a part of Impact Monadnock, for helping make these kits available.
    •  Attention all Troy business owners and employees: You are eligible for a free library card even if you’re not a Troy resident.  Just bring in proof of employment in Troy (pay stub, etc) plus a photo ID and we’ll give you a card for FREE.  Enjoy convenient access to great books & movies & our online content too.

    Exciting News to Share!

    Beginning in January we will be directly sharing some of our Bookapalooza Award Grant items with the Troy Elementary School.  We will be bringing books to the School Library where this shared collection will rotate every 3-6 months.  These amazing titles will be checked out and and returned right at the school!  We are super excited at the prospect of making these titles easily available to kids (and teachers) who cannot make it over to see us on a regular basis.