For Here, There Once Were Mills

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For Here, There Once Were Mills: Perkins Pond Brook, Troy, N.H.  by Jennifer L. Adams; Troy Historical Society, Troy, New Hampshire

This longitudinal study documents the history of two small 19th century watermills in eastern Troy, NH.  Once established, these mills became structural constituents of the local landscape and supportive elements of the community’s social fabric. Beginning with a generic overview of watermills, it then examines the interpersonal relationships and topographical features that led to siting and construction of the first mill at this location, c. 1800, and its early operational modifications. Proceeding chronologically through the 19th century, as categorized by sequential eras of the primary mill’s ownership, it delineates the mills’ development and the lives of their people within a dynamic framework of often-turbulent societal, technological, and economic factors.