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11-4-18 Troy Water and Sewer Commissioners meeting



November 14, 2018

PRESENT:  Bert Lang, Bucky Sheats, Carl Patten, Justin Frazier

Meeting called to Order – Bert called the meeting to order at 5:04

REVIEW OF THE MINUTES FROM SEPTEMBER 12, 2018 Bucky made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Bert seconded all in favor.  Motion passed


  1.    Quotes on HVAC, Propane, and Electric Heat Justin presented two quotes to the Board, one from CD Pluming

         in the amount of $30,050.00, other quote from Phinney in the amount of $66,080.00.  Carl made a motion to go with

         CD Plumbing, Bucky seconded all in favor.

  2.    Conex Box .  Justin shared that the box has been all insulated with the spray foam.  Still working on.

  3.    Gravel Pack Road – Lawrence is too busy to do the road.  Justin will check with BDM, if they cannot do Justin will

         will have a couple loads of gravel brought in and use the backhoe to spread for this year.

  4.    294 Monadnock St – Bert asked if we have put meters in yet, Justin shared we have not, he will need to hang door

         knockers for entry to install.



1. 2019 Proposed Budget – Rhonda gave the Board an updated copy of the Budget.
2. Abatement Bert Lang– Bert had a water line break, see letter to the Board requesting abatement of sewer in the amount of $969.90.  This leak will affect the 4th quarter reading as well.  Carl made a motion to allow this abatement as it did not go into the sewer, Buck seconded, 2 in favor, one abstained.  
3. Health Insurance Buy-OutDiscussed the health insurance buy-out option the Town uses, after discussion Carl made a motion to increase our buyout from $600.00 yearly to $1,400.00 yearly, Bert seconded, 2 in favor one abstained.
4. Abatement Lisa SteadmanMrs. Steadman sent a request in looking for an abatement on her sewer due to a toilet that had been running constantly.  Mrs. Steadman had the toilet replaced.  She is requesting an abatement in the amount of $524.40.  After discussion Bert made a motion to deny this abatement as it is not part of our procedure to give an abatement for anything that goes into the sewer system.  Bucky seconded the motion, all in favor.
5. Equipment for New Dechlor – Justin shared with the Board that he would like to purchase a new CL17 as the one in the old dechlor building needs to be replaced.  The cost for a new one is $3,700.  Carl made a motion that is we have the funds in the 2018 budget to move forward and purchase this year, if not we will purchase in 2019, Bucky seconded, all in favor.
6. Chancey Appeal – Board reviewed the e-mail sent by Mrs. Chancey.  Discussion followed.  Carl made a motion that we set up work requisitions for all work being done and have the customers sign, as well as letting the customers know before we go out of the fees involved.  He also included in the motion that we cut the fee in half so she would be responsible for $75.00 and to let her know that we understand their concerns, and she would need to understand ours, it is possible during the repairs of the line (in which they repaired) the sand could of entered in the line to the meter.  Bucky seconded, all in favor.
7. Abatement Wilson Adair – 241 Monadnock Street had a leak at the meter.  Justin fixed the leak by tightening up the meter.  Mr. Adair is looking for an abatement of $310.20.  This leak will also effect 4th quarter billing.  Carl made a motion to abate Mr. Adair’s bill as the leak was at our meter, Bucky seconded, all in favor.
8. Excessive Influent Flow – discussed the excessive influent flow we are having and it appears to be coming from the Mill.  Justin will contact DES to see if we can disconnect the box Mill as this is just rain water/overflow is not sewer.  If we get the okay from DES will take care of immediately
9. Payroll– reviewed and signed
10. Payables – reviewed and signed
11. General Ledgers – reviewed and signed
12. 3rd Quarter Warrant – reviewed and signed
13. Adjournment Bucky made a motion for adjournment at 6:10, Carl seconded, all in favor motion passed

  Respectfully submitted    

  Rhonda Sheats

  Office Manager, Water/Sewer Department