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Monday, November 3, 2014 – 5:00 p.m.

Selectmen Present: William T. Matson, Gideon L. Nadeau, Sr. and Robert J. Kemp, Jr.



Chairman Matson called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


Administrative Business:

  • Payroll Register, November 3, 2014, reviewed and approved
  • Accounts Payable Register, November 3, 2014, reviewed and approved
  • Notice of Intent to Cut Wood or Timber, Town of Troy, Mackey Road, Map 36 Lot 2, signed
  • Demolition Permit No. 2014-31, Tiffany Ellis, 84 South Street, Map 13 Lot 93, approved
  • Building Permit No. 2014-32, Tiffany Ellis, 84 South Street, Map 13 Lot 93, approved
  • Building Permit No. 2014-33, Richard Wright, 235 West Hill Road, Map 26 Lot 21B, approved
  • Building Permit No. 2014-34, David Miller, 119 South Street, Map 17 Lot 5, approved


Selectman Nadeau MOVED to accept the Meeting Minutes of October 27, 2014 as presented. SECOND: Selectman Kemp. VOTE: Unanimous.


5:00      Carrie Mattson

The Selectmen reviewed basic rules and regulations for the community center with Mrs. Mattson. The Recreation Committee meets November 12th. Mrs. Mattson will work with the Towns of Peterborough and Hinsdale Policies and Procedures for a draft for the Town of Troy. The Selectmen still need to work on a fee schedule. The Selectmen will make some recommendations for the committee to review prior to the Selectmen taking a vote.


Chairman Matson recommended that Mrs. Mattson start contacting the various groups that are expected to be involved; seniors, boy scouts, girl scouts, ball teams, etc.


Alcohol may be allowed by exception by the Board of Selectmen and a $500,000 certificate of liability insurance.   December 1st is the target date.


5:50      Police Chief David Ellis

Review of the 2015 proposed operating budgets for the Police Department, Police Revenue Offset and Animal Control.


Selectman Nadeau MOVED to provide a 2% pay increase for all full-time and part-time employees, effective January 1, 2015, rescinding the Selectmen’s vote on October 20, 2014. SECOND: Selectman Kemp. VOTE: Unanimous.


Chief Ellis would like to go back to having two Animal Control Officers with an hourly pay rate rather than the one salaried officer, which would give the town daytime coverage without a police officer handling the complaints.

6:25      James MacPherson, 237 Mackey Road

Charlie Koch reported last week that Mr. MacPherson wanted to charge the town $2,000 to cross his property, Map 36 Lot 1, when the town proceeds with the timber harvest on town owned property, Map 36 Lot 2, which is land locked. Mr. MacPherson said he has a problem with Mr. Koch hiring someone from out of town to do the cut. He said if it is kept local, the town can use the access for nothing.

6:30      Public Works Director Jim Dicey

Review of the 2015 proposed operating budgets for the Highway Department and the Transfer Station/Recycling Center. Mr. Dicey is meeting with the Water/Sewer Commissioners to discuss a 50/50 split to purchase a backhoe.

7:00      Manuela Lloyd and Courtney Davis

Mr. Davis is still waiting for a settlement from PSNH for an easement on his property located on Quarry Road for the expansion of the substation on Monadnock Street. He received a deposit but the easement had to be re-written.

Chairman Matson MOVED to extend the current agreement to the 31st of December. If payment isn’t made in full, the deed process will be done by March 31, 2015. SECOND: Selectman Nadeau. VOTE: Unanimous.

Other Business:

Selectman Nadeau MOVED not to accept Wells Fargo’s offer to donate property known as 57 High Street, Map 18 Lot 105, with an $18,000 cash donation, to the town. SECOND: Selectman Kemp. VOTE: Unanimous.

The Selectmen will respond to the Department of Transportation on the future status of the Troy Bypass next week.

Chairman Matson MOVED to rescind the Selectmen’s memo dated December 20, 2012 concerning legal inquiries. SECOND: Selectman Nadeau. VOTE: Unanimous.

Chairman Matson MOVED to authorize Attorney Silas Little to prepare revised deeds for the tax deeds taken in September 2014, to separate by year the unpaid taxes for which the Town of Troy has now accepted the deeds, for the tax collector’s signature. SECOND: Selectman Nadeau. VOTE: Unanimous.

Selectman Kemp received a verbal complaint concerning the Bastoni property, 102 West Hill Road. No more than two unregistered vehicles are permitted per lot. There is one unregistered recreational vehicle, which may be used an a living unit only by special permit of the Selectmen, for a period not to exceed 180 consecutive days, provided that adequate sewage disposal and all applicable setback requirements can be met.

Chairman Matson MOVED to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 p.m. SECOND: Selectman Kemp. VOTE: Unanimous.


Administrative Assistant

Cynthia N. Satas


 William T. Matson

Gideon L. Nadeau, Sr

Robert J. Kemp, Jr.