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February 5, 2020

 PRESENT:  Bert Lang, Bucky Sheats, Mark Huntoon, Carl Patten, Kris Lepisto, Justin Frazier

 Meeting called to Order – Bucky called the meeting to order at 5:00

 REVIEW OF THE MINUTES FROM January 8, 2020 – Kris made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Mark seconded, Bucky made correction to minutes under the guest to add Justin ran figure on how much.  Mark made motion to accept the minutes as corrected, Kris seconded, all in favor to accept minutes corrected.


GUEST:  Alan & Diane Purrington – 53 South Main Street came before the Board due to a high sewer bill 4th quarter.  Discussed that the 3rd quarter bill was an estimated billing as the meter wires had been disconnected.  Looking at the trend of the water it appears that the usage had been going up gradually since 1st quarter.  Justin will go and change the meter, send the old meter out to be tested.  If meter comes back ok Purrington’s will pay bill in full.  At this time they will pay an average bill.  Mrs. Purrington asked to have the late fee waived as they were coming to meeting, Bucky made motion to waive the fee, Carl seconded, all in favor.


  1. Heating SystemAllen Matthewson will be here 2/6 to continue doing some work and if not finish then will finish up on 2/10 at which time the system is ready to fire up.  CD Plumbing has thermostat wire run, needs to put in thermostats and then the a/c and condenser which he believes should be done by the end of the month.
  1. Manholes North Main St – on hold till spring
  2. Meter on Monadnock St – on hold working with customer.
  3. Wet Well Update – check valve has been repaired is back up and running.  Justin shared he will pull plate off the second valve to see if it needs to be replaced.


  1.    Auditing – Rhonda shared that Vachon and Cluckay cannot come to audit our books as it would be a conflict of interest. They shared a name of Greg Colby who is a CPA and is very familiar with BMSI that would be able to help with our end of year audit adjustments.  Rhonda reached out to Mr. Colby and received a cost for doing the 2017, 2018 and 2019 books of $2,000 to $2,500.  Carl made a motion to move forward with this, Mark seconded, all in favor.
  1. PDIP – Bert shared with the Board that we need to look into whether we can invest this money or whether it just has to sit as it is.  Right now this money does not make anything as it is.  Rhonda will contact the DRA and see if they can help with this and if not maybe ask who may be able to help us with what we can do with these funds.  (Possibly talk with the Attorney General’s Office)
  1. DN Tank Proposal – Justin shared our tank is due for an inspection and he has reached out to DN Tank who did our tank and the last Inspection for a quote.  Quote was for $3,000.  Mark made motion to go ahead and allow DN Tank to do inspection, Kris seconded, all in favor.
  1.  LMI Pumps – Justin shared with the Board that he was given 8 LMI pumps from a neighboring town. He has gone through them and they are up and running, this saves the town ($13,000).
  1.      Cybersecurity Assessment – Rhonda shared with the Board that she was contacted by Gemma Kite who is with Horsley Witten Group who is working with the EPA on a project that is providing cybersecurity technical assistance to water and wastewater utilities.  They are developing materials and would like to pilot them with us.  The assessment and technical assistance is free and confidential.  The Board felt that if it did not cost anything and if Rhonda would like to participate it would be up to her.
  1.   Payroll – reviewed and signed
  2. Payables – reviewed and signed
  3. General Ledger – reviewed and signed
  4.    Adjournment – Carl made motion for adjournment 6:03, Mark seconded all in favor.


Respectfully submitted

Rhonda Sheats

Office Manager, Water/Sewer Department