Gay-Kimball Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

November 29, 2017

Members Present:  Allan Bailey, Jacque Sendrowski, Charleen Hoefsmit

And Librarian Catherine Callegeri

Meeting called to order 4:00 pm


Allan moved to accept all minutes, public and non-public since September Trustee meeting. Charleen seconded the motion, all were in favor and it passed.


Library Statistics: Door Count 602, Meeting Room Usage 5, New Patrons 3, Computer Usage 34


Priority for the new GKL Librarian: Make Library More Welcoming


Catherine suggested a Staff/Trustee/Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and will coordinate a date.


Budget: Allan to meet again with Troy Budget Committee on 11/30 at 6:30 pm.


The newly installed carpeting is coming up on the stairs and could pose safety issue and kick plate molding is pulling away from walls in certain spots. Catherine will contact carpet installers to have repaired.


Catherine mentioned the GKL book drop has paint chipping off of it and is water is getting inside after severe rain. Catherine will look into price of replacing.


Catherine suggested changing the current library hours was discussed.  The new proposed hours will be:

Tuesday 10-7, Wednesday 2-7, Thursday 2-7 and Saturday 10-2. Total 23 hours


Allan moved to implement the above hours with a start date to be determined by the Director.

Charlene seconded, all in favor, motion passed.


Allan moved to use  remaining Lang Donation Funds  to purchase a table to put in front of the Wall mounted TV and a computer laptop. Charleen seconded, all in favor, motion passed.


Niel Richardson will be returning to volunteer with GKL IT and Computer issues.


John Sendrowski will be power washing the entrance to the Library.


Allan moved to amend the Personal Policy and Procedure Manuel to include the items passed at the previous meeting. Jacque Seconded, all in favor, motion passed


Allan moved to offer Non-Resident Library Cards, without fees, to people who work in Troy.

Charleen Seconded, all in favor, motion passed.


Allan moved to offer Teacher Cards to all Troy Elementary School teachers. Charleen seconded, all in favor, motion passed.


There are no public comments.


The next library Trustee meeting is scheduled for January 3, 2018 at 4:00 PM.


Meeting was adjourned at 5:34 PM