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Select Board Minutes: July 31, 2017



Monday, July 31, 2017 6:30 p.m.

Selectmen Present:  Allan Bailey, Barbara Guelcher and Curtis Hopkins


Chairman Bailey opened the meeting at 6:30 pm.

Present: Adam Dubriske, Tom Matson, John O’Brien

Chairman Bailey MOVED to accept the Selectmen’s meeting minutes from July 24, 2017 SECOND Selectman Hopkins VOTE unanimous

Chairman Bailey stated that the Board of Trustees for the Library will meet Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at 4:00 pm at the Gay Kimball Library

Chairman Bailey announced that the Troy Recreation Committee and Troy Senior Citizens Club breakfast is Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 7 to 10 am at the Samuel E. Paul Community Center.

Selectman Hopkins stated that August 13, 2017 the Troy Recreation Committee is having a Carnival Day at the SEP Community Center.

Mr. Matson came in to inform the Select Board that the ordinances are not enforceable. Mr. Matson has been following the recording and all the discussion on the ordinances. Mr. Matson thinks that the Select Board should meet with the Police Chief and go over some of the issues.

Troy Mills – Mr. Matson asked why he hadn’t been invited to be on the new TRG group. Mr. Matson asked if it was going to be a non-profit again. Chairman Bailey stated that it will be restarted as it was. Mr. Matson stated that a second appraisal is being done on the Troy Mills property. Selectman Hopkins stated that the only ones that have volunteered to serve on the TRG are Ben Drugg and Herb Drugg but no one has been formally asked to be on the TRG.

No Smoking Signs for Samuel E. Paul Community Center – Selectman Hopkins stated we have the 10 signs and Bob Norton is putting them around the Sand Dam area.

25 School St – Sent letter to the wrong address it was supposed to be 29 School St new deadline is August 31, 2017.

Sign in the Bay – getting new sign and calligraphy and materials are all donated along with the time for labor.

Amnesty Day – John O’Brien can or should we use a different name so people understand it better.

Giorginni Bequest Hearing – Chairman Bailey asked Selectman Hopkins to take care of the set-up with computer and screen.

Additional Highway Block Grant – The Town is receiving an additional $47,451 in highway block grant money. Chairman Bailey had Mrs. Fox call the DRA to get the information on the money and we are waiting for a call back. Chairman Bailey stated that the money is non-lapsing.

Deb Wilson – Mrs. Wilson would like to know who is in charge of cleaning the beach at Sand Dam. The Geese are making a mess and the children are walking thru it and tracking it into the Samuel E. Paul Community Center. Chairman Bailey the public works department would have to clean it. Mr. Dubriske stated that a call to the Fish and Game would probably help the situation. Chairman Bailey would like Mrs. Fox to call the Fish and Game. Selectman Hopkins suggested buying a York rack to use on the beach every day. Chairman Bailey MOVED to authorize the recreation committee to purchase a York rack for the community area that cost up to $300 SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Office 365 Quote from Worldwide Computers – Chairman Bailey MOVED to accept quote of $1,942.50 to switch over 8 computers to Office 365 SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Culvert Policy from Chris Rocheleau from Town of Fitzwilliam.  

Fitzwilliam Road Complaint – rental unit on Fitzwilliam Rd that has overflowing septic.  Selectwoman Guelcher had Chief Ellis go take a look at the property. There is a sump pump that has a hose in septic tank pumping into wetlands.  Dick DeSeve from the DES has been contacted and is set to come take a look at it. It is now in the State’s hands.

John Gielar – Mr. Gielar and Carl Hagstrom spoke then nothing came of it. Mr. Gielar went to the neighbor’s house and started harassing complainant.  The complainant called Selectwoman Guelcher who then called Chief Ellis and they both went to the property. Chief Ellis spoke with Mr. Gielar and told him he was not allowed on the complainant property. Selectwoman Guelcher spoke with Carl Hagstrom and in 2 weeks a new septic will need to be done.

Zoning Ordinance Enforcement – Selectwoman Guelcher stated that the zoning is enforced by the Select Board and the Town ordinances are enforced by the Police Dept. Chairman Bailey thinks that we should create a full-time position for code enforcer and building inspector and present it next year at Town Meeting. Mr. Dubriske commented that before the Town can do that they need to adopt building codes to enforce.

Complaint on Central Sq. – letter was sent giving 30 days to comply.

Complaint on West Hill Rd – Chairman Bailey would like Selectwoman Guelcher and Selectman Hopkins to go look at the property. Chairman Bailey stated that using the RV for a residence is a separate issue.  

Selectwoman Guelcher brings up the complaints on Richmond Rd and thinks that we need to act on these since it has been since January when they were filed. Mr. Dubriske how come you’re not allowing the police to go take care of complaints.  Chairman Bailey stated we would have to increase the police force. Mr. O’Brien stated that the rv is not so much an issue.  Chairman Bailey stated that he thinks there are set back issues.  Chairman Bailey will draft up letter for next week.

Selectman Hopkins is on military leave for the next 10 days starting Sunday.  Selectman Hopkins would like to teleconference for the next 2 meetings. Chairman Bailey stated we will call you at 6:25 pm before the meeting starts. Selectman Hopkins stated he will be back August 15th.

Chairman Bailey MOVED to adjourn at 7:49 pm SECOND Selectwoman Hopkins VOTE unanimous