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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Selectmen Present: Richard Thackston, Curtis Hopkins, Tim Byrnes
Staff Present: Joe Byk, Town Administrator

Chairman Thackston opened meeting at 6:21pm
MOTION to go into non-public session pursuant to RSA 91-A:3
Selectman Thackston, SECOND BBY Selectman Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0

The Board re-convened in public session at 6:38pm
Members of the Public Present: Richard HKS Thackston
Public Comments: N/A
Department Head Reports:
a. Police Chief: N/A
b. Town Administrator: Joe summarized the following:
a. Joe reviewed the recent progress regarding the generation of monthly revenue/expense reports resulting from conferences with BMSI and staff. Joe presented the January/February report for Board review. These will be generated monthly and distributed to the Board, Budget Committee, Department Supervisors and posted.
b. Joe reviewed the recent visit from NH Dept. of Labor Inspector Perry regarding Chief Ellis’ injury. This is a routine visit to ensure that all precautions were taken. Inspector Perry noted that the Safety Committee needs to reconvene in order to comply with DOL requirements. He left a checklist of issues to be addressed. Joe reconvened the Safety Committee at the 3/7 Staff Meeting and discussed the safety response to COVID -19. Joe will file minutes with DOT and explore health insurance premium discounts w/ Primex for its parallel Safety Committee requirements.
c. The Board reviewed the following post-Town Meeting to do’s of the approved warrant articles:
i. All budget transfer articles will be completed by the Town Treasurer
ii. Article 11: Supervisors will review their respective staff based on the article criteria – cost of living, merit and longevity – and report their recommended pay increases to the Board – Joe to set in motion.
iii. Article 17: Tax Collector to implement
iv. Article 18: Joe to send out an RFP after coordinating w/ NH DES re: potential asbestos in roofing shingles – this needs to be determined before specs are included in the RFP
v. Article 19: The Chair will present a plan at the next meeting.
vi. Article 22: Joe to explore potential contract terms w/ Mike Wilbur – possible inclusion w/ code enforcement duties. Possible RFP w/ other candidates.
vii. Article 23: The Chair and Town Clerk will discuss upgrading to zone heating in the TC office as part of the boiler/tank replacement.
Old Business:
a. The Board re- executed the deed giving effect to the transfer of tax deeded property to Traci and Louis Piskolti (Tax Map 36 Lot 2).
b. The request for reconsideration of the C. Davis driveway decision on 3/5 was postponed. Mr. Davis’ document dated 3/6 was presented to the Board for review.
c. P. Hunter Permit to Perform Work: Joe was directed to inquire what exactly the requester needs.
New Business:
a. The Board reviewed policies and procedures regarding the COVID-19 virus. Policies have been posted on the Town website. Joe to coordinate w/ CJ Davis re: Transfer Station procedure for 3/20 and following and post on the website.
b. The Board approved the Langevin Veteran Exemption and Carol Matson Elderly Exemption requests.
Motion: Selectman Hopkins, SECOND by Selectman Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0
Other Business:
Consent Agenda:
a. The Board approved payroll manifests.
Motion: Selectman Hopkins, SECOND by Selectman Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0
b. The Board approved Accounts Payable manifest – N/A
c. The Board approved Public Minutes: N/A 3/5 minutes were approved and posted on 3/8
a. The Board reviewed correspondence from the Historical Society and approved the donations of $2,468 to date.
a. Motion: Selectman Hopkins, SECOND by Selectman Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0
Other Board Member Comments:
a. Selectman Hopkins updated the public on upcoming Recreation Department events.
b. Selectman Hopkins raised concerns about billing procedures on the Home Depot Account and directed Joe to clarify Town account details w/ Home Depot.

MOTION to go into non-public session pursuant to RSA 91-A:3 at approximately 7:30
Selectman Thackston, SECOND by Selectman Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0

The Chair reconvened the public meeting at 7:45

MOTION to adjourn at 7:45 PM by Selectmen Hopkins, SECOND by Selectmen Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45PM


___________________________ ________________________________
Joe Byk Richard Thackston, Chairman
Town Administrator
Curtis Hopkins

Timothy Byrnes