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March 4, 2020
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PRESENT: Bert Lang, Bucky Sheats, Mark Huntoon, Carl Patten, Kris Lepisto, Justin Frazier

Meeting called to Order – Bert called the meeting to order at 5:03

REVIEW OF THE MINUTES FROM February 5, 2020 – Carl made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Bucky seconded, all in favor to accept minutes corrected.

1. Heating System – Justin is trying to get a hold of Chris to finish up so we can submit Grant application to the State
2. Manholes North Main St – on hold till spring
3. Meter on Monadnock St – on hold working with customer.
4. Greg Colby CPA – Rhonda shared with the Board that Mr. Colby was here on 2/28. Did the reconciliation of accounts and review of records for 2017, 2018 and 2019. Cost was $405.00.
5. Purrington’s Meter Test – Board reviewed the results of the meter test. Rhonda will send letter with copy of test request payment.
6. PDIP Account – Rhonda shared with the Board when this account was originally setup and also the RSA’s that Thomas Donovan from the Department of Justice had shared with her regarding having the Trustees invest these funds. The Board would like Rhonda to reach out to the Trustees of the Trust Fund and talk with them. Rhonda will start with Norm Dion.

1. Public Hearing – Bert shared with the Board that our Budget was increased to $419,412.00 due to Health insurance buyout for employees going to $5,000. According to state law if one employee is paid this amount every employee is to be paid. Carl would like to see this in writing. Bert will get this for Carl.
2. Justin’s Resignation – Justin shared his resignation with the Board. Justin’s last day will be 3/20/20. He will be going out on his own doing contracting work and property management. Discussed Justin as a contractor for Town of Troy Water/Sewer. He will put together a proposal for the Board. Rhonda will reach out to Vinnie from Granite State and see if he knows of any other contractor as we do not have anyone with the necessary licenses to operate the plant.
3. Kubota – Justin shared is leaking hydraulic oil and needs to have some work done. Needs to have input seal, output seals, rear seal clutch replaced and misc. gaskets replaced. Ahearn in Spencer MA gave a cost of $3,000 for all to be done. Pinnacle $2,500 -$3,000 not sure it included clutch. Chappell $3,000 – $3,500 not sure it included clutch. Bucky made a motion to take it to Ahern, Mark seconded, all in favor. Discussed having Justin call and order packing kits for the cylinders and replace them as well. Carl has a trailer he will let us borrow to take tractor down to Spencer.
4. Payroll – reviewed and signed
5. Payables – reviewed and signed
6. General Ledger – reviewed and signed
7. Adjournment – Carl made motion for adjournment 5:51, Bucky seconded all in favor.

Respectfully submitted

Rhonda Sheats
Office Manager, Water/Sewer Department