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April 10, 2019

PRESENT:  Bert Lang, Bucky Sheats, Carl Patten, Kris Lepisto Mark Huntoon, and Justin Frazier

 Mark excused due to fire call 6:00 p.m.

Meeting called to Order – Bucky called the meeting to order at 5:08

  REVIEW OF THE MINUTES FROM March 19, 2019 – Bert made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Mark seconded.  All in favor of minutes as read. Motion passed


  1. Conex Box –   Justin shared that the floor, walls ceiling and doors are up. They are working on the electrical will be sealing the floor.
  2. Gravel Pack Road – still frost in the ground and will be waiting until after mud season.  Justin will try to reach out to Lawrence.
  3. Heating System Update – Justin hasn’t heard from Chris, will have something for the next meeting
  4. Manholes on North Main St. – Justin shared with the Board that they do need to be repaired.  The State will not be paving North

Main St.  They will be doing S. Main/Fitzwilliam Road and he has 8 manholes that he needs to start raising or needs repairs.

  1. PH Monitor BRW 1 – GLI PH Probe and Monitor cost is $1,600.00.  Bert made motion to purchase, Bucky seconded.  All in favor

motion passed.

  1.     Propane Heating Unit for GPW – Justin brought to the Board costs for three different size heaters.  80,000 btu $499.00, 50,000 btu

$420.00 and a 75,000 btu 800.00.  Carl made a motion to purchase the 50,000 btu for $420.00 Bucky seconded.  All in favor, motion


  1. Fluoride BRW 3 & 4 – 1st qtr. sample for 2019 result was a 1.1 mgl.  The level is going down.
  2. Legal Inquiry – Discussion on whether Board members can discuss but not vote issues such as cost of living if employee is family.

Board will leave as is, Board members do not vote on issues involving family.


  1. Meters on Monadnock St – Justin shared with the Board that we will need to do at least one meter pit, he is hoping to be able to

install meter at second location by changing an end.

  1. Drainage at Perkins Pond – Justin shared that we need put a pipe in the ground and run over the bank to stop the water from entering

the building.  Mark shared that he had some fabric we could use at his house.

  1. Weeding Lagoons – Justin shared he would like to purchase a tool that would help with pulling out the trees that are growing in lagoon 1 cost is $50.00. Justin will try a chain first.  Mark made a motion to purchase the tool if the chain does not work, Bucky seconded, all in favor.  Motion passed.
  2. Cleanup & Dump Run – Justin started list on the Board will try to do this on a daily basis of things that need to be done.
  3. Online Classes – Water Treatment and Water Distribution has online classes. Nick needs his grade 1 in both and Rhonda needs her

grade 1 in distribution.  Discussion followed.  Carl has no problem Rhonda taking class but does not want to pay any more money for

someone who does not need to have a license.  Justin shared that Rhonda had not received a merit raise in 8 years so maybe the Board

could think about that.  Bert shared that having the 3 people licensed protects the Town should we lose a person.  Carl made a motion to allow Rhonda to take the Distribution Class and when she passes the test she would receive $.50 hr. raise instead of $1.00 as he feels she is the third in line, there was not second, motion failed.  Bert made motion to allow Rhonda to take the Distribution Class, when she passes her test she gets the $1.00 hr. raise, Kris seconded, Carl opposed as he feels we do not need three licensed operators, 1 abstained.  Motion passed.

  1. Energy Efficiency Award– Town of Troy Wastewater Plant has been awarded the Most Improved Lagoon – kWh/#BOD from the State. Presentations will be made sometime in May at the Treatment facility.
  2. Culvert Pipe Repair at Treatment Plant – steel culvert has rotted out. Justin will talk with Ed to replace and fix entry at gate
  3. Compressor –Justin shared with the Board that the diaphragm to carburetor was not good so he purchase a rebuild kit and repaired. He is now having issues with the clinoid not working.  He went to the Town of Marlborough as they have the same compressor.  They have put a plug in their compressor, so he is not sure if this is what he may want to do and then adjust the flow and needle valve.

Kris shared he had a book that we may be able to find parts in.

  1. Budget/Revenues– Rhonda shared with the Board that we are not bringing in enough revenues to cover our budget. We may need to

consider a rate increase.

  1. Payroll – reviewed and signed
  2. Payables – reviewed and signed
  3. General Ledger – reviewed and signed
  4. Adjournment – Carl made motion for adjournment 6:38, Kris seconded all in favor.

Respectfully submitted


Rhonda Sheats

Office Manager, Water/Sewer Department