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4-16-2020 Draft Select Board Minutes



Thursday, April 15, 2020

Selectmen Present: Richard Thackston, Curtis Hopkins, Tim Byrnes
Staff Present: Joe Byk, Town Administrator, Corporal Macek

Chairman Thackston opened the meeting at 6:18pm
Motion to enter Nonpublic Session pursuant to RSA 93-A:3, ii(a) by Selectman Hopkins at 6:18pm Seconded by Selectman Byrnes ROLL CALL VOTE Chair Thackston YES Selectmen Byrnes YES Selectmen Hopkins YES

Chairman Thackston reconvened the public session at 6:45pm.

Members of the Public Present: Mark Meachem
Public Comments: N/A
Department Head Reports:
a. Police Chief: N/A
b. Town Administrator:
The Board reviewed and accepted the resignation of Caleb Hall.
Any Special Business: N/A
Old Business:
a. Joe updated the Board re: COVID-19: no positive tests or related incidents reported.
New Business:
a. The Board reviewed playground facilities COVID-19 issues. Bob Norton recommended keeping the playground open and reported that the State has not closed any playgrounds to date. The Board decided to keep the playground open.
b. The Board reviewed the effective date of the Town Clerk/Tax Collector pay raise and directed Joe to seek a written proposal from the Clerk/Collector re: effective date.
c. The Board reviewed abatement requests submitted by the Tax Collector.
Motion to approve abatements for properties shown as Map 35/Lot2B (Josiah Huckins – overvalued), Map 36/Lot1A (Sandra McPherson – overvalued) and Map 22/Lot 5 (Town of Troy – exempt) Selectman Hopkins, SECOND by Selectman Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0
c. Chairman Thackston proposed a four way stop at the intersection of High St. and Prospect St. and discussion ensued. The Board directed Joe to invite Corporal Macek and Ed Atkins to attend the next meeting.
Periodic Review:
a. The Board reviewed the Expense/Budget Report date 4/16/20. The Chair noted a few coding errors on the Selectmens’ report. Joe noted that the Town Assistant is addressing these with BMSI.
Consent Agenda:
a. The Board approved payroll manifests for 4/9 and 4/16
Motion: Selectman Hopkins, SECOND by Selectman Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0
b. The Board approved Accounts Payable manifest for 4/13
Motion: Selectman Hopkins, SECOND by Selectman Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0
c. The Board approved Public Minutes: 4/2 minutes previously posted in draft
Motion: Selectman Hopkins, SECOND by Selectman Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0
d. Non- Public Minutes: N/A
e. The Board approved the timber cut request of Brenda Warner for Tax Map 38/Lot4.
Other Board Member Comments:
a. Chair Report: The Board Directed Joe to advertise for the Transfer Station, Building Inspector and Depurty Town Clerk positions and post openings for Town Boards and Committees.
b. Selectman Hopkins updated the public on upcoming Recreation Department events and the Planning Board initiative to develop a comprehensive noise ordiance that replaces the patchwork regulations in place.

MOTION to go into non-public session pursuant to RSA 91-A:3ii(a) at 7:48pm.
Selectman Thackston, SECOND by Selectman Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0

The Chair reconvened the public meeting at 9:01pm

MOTION to adjourn at 9:01pm by Selectmen Hopkins, SECOND by Selectmen Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0.

Meeting adjourned at 9:01pm


___________________________ ________________________________
Joe Byk Richard Thackston, Chairman
Town Administrator
Curtis Hopkins

Timothy Byrnes