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May 15, 2019
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PRESENT: Bert Lang, Bucky Sheats, Carl Patten, and Justin Frazier

Meeting called to Order – Bucky called the meeting to order at 5:02

Guest: Jesse Harkins – Mr. Harkins came before the Board representing his mother Celia Harkins of 14 Woodland Park. Ms. Harkins
1st quarter water bill for 2019 was extremely high. Usage of 4300 cu ft. Her average is 1300. Ms. Harkins meter was changed and the old meter was sent out and tested for accuracy. The results of this testing came back fine. Mr. Harkins shared that he had spoken with Mike and Steve at Red Hed Manufacturing and they would like to retest this meter as this did not understand what they were testing for. Carl asked Mr. Harkins if the meter came back ok he understood they would have to pay the bill, Mr. Harkins said he understood that. Bucky and Rhonda will deliver the meter on Friday. Justin will call and talk with Mike and or Steve.

REVIEW OF THE MINUTES FROM April 10, 2019 – Carl made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Bert seconded. Carl would like
to clarify item 8 under old business “Legal Inquiry” to also include determination will be made if a Board member needs to leave room if
a situation does arise. All in favor of minutes as amended. Motion passed

1. Conex Box – Floors are finished, have paint and electrical boxes to install. Waiting to dig until it dries out
2. Gravel Pack Road – Justin will call Lawrence and try and get a cost.
3. Heating System Update – Justin hasn’t heard from Chris, will have something for the next meeting
4. Manholes on North Main St. – Justin shared they need to hammer up the old ones and redo, they are working on the Fitzwilliam
Road ones right now as the paving is being done.
5. Meters on Monadnock St – Justin shared he is waiting for things to dry up as they need to do digging.
6. Drainage at Perkins Pond – Justin shared he is waiting for things to dry up as they need to do digging.
7. Weeding of Lagoons – Justin has the chain. Waiting for ammonia level to come down so we can drop level of lagoon.
8. Cleanup & Dump Run – Justin will be doing a dump run on Friday.
9. Culvert Repair – Ed has culvert, he will help with the repair, just waiting on dry weather
10. Compressor – Justin shared he has the compressor up and running

1. Energy Efficiency Award – Sharon Nall from NHDES would like to present the award on 6/12/19 meeting would also like us to
invite our Selectmen. She will be here at 5:00 p.m.
2. Rate Increase/late fee – Discussed the shortfall of the budget from last year and the need to increase the sewer rates. Also discussed
the amount of letters being sent out for bills that are not being paid on time. Carl made a motion to increase the sewer rate by $5.25 bringing the new rate to $84.77 for the first 1,000 cu ft., and $8.48 for every 100 cu ft. over 1000, also to include a $10.00 late fee to the invoices for late payments, Bert seconded all in favor. We will hold a public hearing on 6/12/19 @ 5:30 p.m. at the treatment facility.
10. Payroll – reviewed and signed
11. Payables – reviewed and signed
12. General Ledger – reviewed and signed
13. Adjournment – Carl made motion for adjournment 6:00, Bert seconded all in favor.

Respectfully submitted

Rhonda Sheats
Office Manager, Water/Sewer Department