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Monday, June 11, 2018

Selectmen Present: Richard Thackston, Barbara Guelcher, Curtis Hopkins(remotely)

Chairman Thackston opened meeting at 6:30 P.M.

Members of the Public Present: Fred Earl, Michael Mauer, Richard Thackston, Jim Dicey, William Mattson

Public Comments: Michael Mauer wishes to extend his current contract for payment of back taxes. Selectwoman Guelcher will draft a new contract and have it sent to him. Selectwoman Guelcher MOTION: Chair Thackston SECOND VOTE 2-0.

Fred Earl expressed concerns for location and maintenance of the dog park idea. Jim Dicey also had an email from Peter Paul with concerns as well. Chair Thackston assured both Earl and Dicey that once a proposal presented before the board there will be a public hearing for anyone to voice their concerns.

Announcements: Chair Thackston announced that Janet McCullough filed a “Right to Know Request” and that Annie and Christina can get those documents ready for her.

Old Business: Selectwoman Guelcher, Chair Thackston and Selectmen Hopkins discussed the statuses of some cease and assist orders from the Planning Board meeting.

Chair Thackston expressed concern that the 2016 audit cannot be found, 2015 has been located, 2017 audit is ready to be conducted and more efforts will be made to find 2016 so the Town will be current with the state.

Chair Thackston stated areas of concern within town hall; Welfare, Payables, Payroll are being rectified.

New Business: Chair Thackston announced Janet McCullough will no longer be handling the direct deposit, he will be doing that along with Anna Thackston.

Chair Thackston believes that moving the Selectmen’s meetings would be better for Payroll if they were held on Thursday nights.

Approval of Payroll Manifest $8314.55
Selectwoman Guelcher MOTION Selectmen Hopkins SECOND VOTE 3-0-0

Approval of Payables Manifest $18,462.24, total, breakdown of the larger payables: $9724 health insurance, Eversource $1200, Keene Jeep 1091.07, and Keene Sentinel $980.23. Selectwoman Guelcher MOTION Selectmen Hopkins SECOND VOTE 3-0-0

Board to approve 05-14-2018 meeting minutes
Board to approve 06/04/2018 meeting minutes
Selectwoman Guelcher YES Chair Thackston YES Selectmen Hopkins ABSTAIN VOTE 2-1-0

Board to approve 06/04/2018 Non-public minutes Selectwoman Guelcher MOTION Selectmen Hopkins SECOND VOTE 3-0-0

Meeting went into non-public at 6:53PM. Meeting came out of non-public at 7:12 P.M.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 P.M.

Anna Thackston, Administrative Assistant


Richard Thackston, Chairman

Barbara Guelcher

Curtis Hopkins