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Monday June 4, 2018
Selectmen Present: Richard Thackston, Barbara Guelcher, Curtis Hopkins

Chairman Thackston opened meeting at 6:30 P.M

Members of the Public Present: David Ellis, Janet McCollough, Darline Harris, Holly & Joshua Morin

Holly and Joshua Morin presented before the board to build a dog park.and described in detail the expectations of the dog park and location; Sand Dam. Chair Thackston also expressed that the Morins would need to present a proposal to the City of Troy. Chief Ellis agreed with this plan.

Public Comments
A Mr Hopkins expressed concerns about the lack of meeting not being posted online and stated the transition from public to non-public is incorrect within the minutes that are posted. Darline Harris stated it would be ideal to have the minutes posted at the library as a lot of people are not online. Chair Thackston did mention that there are staffing and processes issues.

Correspondence and Announcements
Chair Thackston
Offer to purchase property on Bigelow Hill Rd taken for bypass that never happened – letter needs to be sent in declination.
Mailer from Health Trust – no action required.

Chair Thackston expressed concerns about the Town of Troy not having submitted an audit to the DRA since 2014.

Chair Thackston also mentioned that any payroll, retirement, unemployment issues will be rectified as soon as possible.
Janet McCollough expressed concerns about accounts payables and how that was being handled. Chair Thackston assured her that it was being appropriately processed.

Building Permits
Chair Thackston discussed proposal on Troy Mills, will review at next meeting.

Approval on Manifest for Eversource for $3,665.77, Selectwoman Guelcher MOTION, Selectman Hopkins SECOND, VOTE 3-0-0
Manifest $209,510.09 MOTION , Selectman Hopkins SECOND, VOTE 3-0-0 91:A3

Chair Thackston to go back into Non-public MOTION, Selectwoman Guelcher SECOND, VOTE 3-0-0

Meeting adjourned at 7:59 P.M


Anna Thackston Administrative Assistant

Rich Thackston, Chairman

Barbara Guelcher

Curtis Hopkins