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July 11, 2018
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PRESENT: Bert Lang, Bucky Sheats, Carl Patten Jr., Justin Frazier

Meeting called to Order – Bert called the meeting to order at 5:02

REVIEW OF THE MINUTES FROM May 9, 2018 – Carl made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Bucky seconded all in favor.

1. Quotes on HVAC, Propane, and Electric Heat – Chris Davis from CD Plumbing & Heating came before the Board and gave them an overview of what he was looking to do. He is looking to do 5 different zones with 2 cooling units. Was asked what the efficiency was 95% – 97%. Was also asked to get prices for different heating units for the garage. Board reviewed quotes from Keene Gas and Eastern Propane and will wait until next meeting to make a decision.
2. Conex Box – Has been delivered. Justin shared they have started working on the inside to get ready.
3. 294 Monadnock Street – Doug Rouleau came back with a proposal for an easement and would like $6,000 and has a few things he would like to have us do before we do anything. The Board discussed. Justin says we can just run the line on the side of the road and go across. We will not be doing the easement at this time.

1. Ryan Huntoon – Discussion on Ryan and going to get his Water and Wastewater licenses. Board will pay for Ryan to go to the classes, but will not give him a raise for the licenses he receives at this time. If he would like to be licensed in case the opportunity arises and he is able to move up that is his choice.
2. Highway Barn Water Usage for Truck Body Rinsing – Justin shared that Carl and Greg Mattson rinsed their truck bodies out this winter using the Highway Departments Water. They called with the readings and are looking to be billed. We have never done this before so we needed to know how the Board would like us to bill this. Bert made motion to charge $5.00 for every 0 – 100 cu ft., Bucky seconded, 2 in favor on abstained.
3. NH Department of Labor – Inspector Campbell was here today to do an inspection/audit of our payroll. Inspector Campbell will have a report to go over with Rhonda when she returns from vacation.
4. Replacement for John Callahan – Bert shared we may need to start thinking about a replacement for John, we have not yet received a resignation, but John is currently living with his son, and is no longer driving.
5. Electric Supply Quotes- Rhonda presented the Board with a quote from People’s Power Choice and from Constellation. Bucky made a motion to go with Constellation for 48 months at a rate of $0.07990, Carl seconded all in favor.
6. Pallets-Trash – Bert shared that clean-up needs to be done around the plant. Justin shared he was just talking about that with the Nick and Ryan. They will take care of it.
7. Langevin Abatement – Rhonda did a billing error on estimated reading needed to do abatement.
8. Steadman Abatement – Rhonda shared e-mail from Mrs. Steadman with the Board regarding her water heater. Mrs. Steadman was looking for abatement on 1st and 2nd quarter sewer. Carl made a motion to abate $79.50 on 1st qtr. sewer and $214.65 on 2nd qtr. sewer.
9. Propane Tank & Equipment – Carl asked if we had any costs of propane if we owned our own tank and equipment, at this time we do not.
10. Heating System – Board would like some more quotes based on what CD Plumbing is going to do so they can compare apples to apples.
11. Payroll – reviewed and signed
12. Payables – reviewed and signed
13. General Ledgers – reviewed and signed
14. 2nd Qtr. Warrant – reviewed and signed
15. Adjournment – Carl made a motion for adjournment at 6:10, Bucky seconded, all in favor motion passed

Respectfully submitted

Rhonda Sheats
Office Manager, Water/Sewer Department