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Monday, September 15, 2014 – 5:00 p.m.

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Selectmen Present: William T. Matson, Gideon L. Nadeau, Sr. and Robert J. Kemp, Jr.

Chairman Matson called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Administrative Business:

  • Payroll Register, September 15, 2014, reviewed and approved
  • Accounts Payable Register, September 15, 2014, reviewed and approved
  • Supplemental Notice of Intent to Cut Wood or Timber, Jack Kutner, Mackey Road, Map 36 Lots 3 & 5, signed


Selectman Kemp MOVED to accept the Meeting Minutes of September 8, 2014 as presented. SECOND: Chairman Matson. VOTE: Unanimous.


Selectman Nadeau MOVED to change to a single key padlock for the Town Hall basement door for Public Works access only. SECOND: Chairman Matson. VOTE: Unanimous.


Chairman Matson MOVED to authorize the Congregational Church Youth Group to have a scavenger hunt outdoors at Sand Dam on October 4, 2014. SECOND: Selectman Nadeau. VOTE: Unanimous.


Selectman Nadeau will contact Laurel Brown, PSNH Community Relations & Economic Development, concerning replacing the street light at 241 Monadnock Street.


Selectman Nadeau MOVED to authorize Mrs. Satas to contact JoAnn Fryer, CLD Consulting Engineers to request $734.00 in additional funding from John Corrigan, SRTS Coordinator, to replace seven designated mailbox posts with wood posts for the South Street Sidewalk Project. SECOND: Selectman Kemp. VOTE: Two in favor, one opposed; the motion passed.


6:00      Water/Sewer Commissioners Bert Lang and John C. Callahan, Jr.

Mr. Lang said the Water/Sewer Commissioners voted to ask the Selectmen to reserve Map 13 Lot 19 for the Water/Sewer Department. The Selectmen voted to offer the lot to the Water/Sewer Department for $7,500.00 on August 18, 2014. Mr. Callahan said the Water/Sewer Commissioners declined to purchase the property and requested that the Selectmen turn the lot over to the Commissioners. The town has no plans to sell the lot immediately.


Chairman Matson MOVED to adjourn the meeting at 6:15 p.m. SECOND: Selectman Kemp. VOTE: Unanimous.

Cynthia N. Satas

Administrative Assistant



 William T. Matson

Gideon L. Nadeau, Sr.

Robert J. Kemp, Jr.