June 2013 Trustee Minutes

Gay – Kimball Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

June 5, 2013

Members Present: Yvonne Peters, Allan Bailey, Charleen Hoefsmit

Also: Catherine Callegari – Librarian and Ed Bryans – public

Treasurer’s Report: Checking – $6,378, Fines – $674, Memorial Fund – $300, Petty Cash – $320

Grand Total: $7,672

Librarian’s Report: Door count: 1,474, Circulation: 2,023, Computer Usage: 112, New Patrons: 8

Old Business:

  • Proceeds from the Book Sale totaled $694.00.  This is approximately $400.00 less than last year’s total of $1,100.00.  Catherine is putting an antique stereoscopic book from 1878 up for sale to augment revenues.  She hopes to receive a minimum of $200.00 for the item.
  • The budget is on schedule, with 60% of Town Funds still available.
  • The 2012 Warrant Article for window replacement will be handled by Family Glass of Jaffrey, whose quote of $4,100 was accepted.
  • Catherine’s visit to the Book Expo proved invaluable.  She met with both new and established authors and returned with two boxes of free novels (and some audio books) all for only the cost of shipping.

New Business:

  • Per request of the Town Selectmen, Catherine set up a Town Calendar.  It is  independent of the Library’s website and can be accessed via a link from the library website or any other website that chooses to post a link.
  • The color version of the Library’s new website went “live” on Sunday, June 2nd.  The format is designed to compress to fit whatever size screen it is viewed on.  Feedback is positive for both “look” and “function”.
  • A new computer operating system was installed by tech support.  MS Money 2006 required re-installation.  Since it is no longer supported by Microsoft, a new program (costing only $18.00) will be purchased and installed.  It will run as a duplicate system until its merits are compared to the existing program.
  • The Library’s rugs have been cleaned!  All but $10.00 of the cost was covered by a donation.
  • Three weeks ago, strong winds caused a tree limb to put a dent in the roof.  The limb was taken care of immediately and the offending tree has now been removed as well.
  • The Trustees voted to change the date of the next meeting from July 3rd  to the 2nd due to conflicts with the original date.

Public Comments:

Ed Bryans addressed the rules regarding the need to wear shoes in the Library.  It was decided to review this rule (and all rules) regarding behavior and safety on Library premises.  Catherine will inform the public of the results of this research regarding shoes after the next Trustee Meeting on July 2nd.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:15 pm.  Next meeting will be held on July 2nd, 2013 @6:00 pm.