April 2015 Trustee Minutes
Gay-Kimball Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
April 1, 2015 – at 4:00 pm

Members Present: Yvonne Peters, Allan Bailey, Charleen Hoefsmit
Also: Catherine Callegari – Librarian

Treasurer’s Report: Checking – $7,929, Fines -$383, Memorial Fund – $503, Petty Cash – $535
Grand Total: $9,350
Librarian’s Report: Door Count: 1,016, Circulation: 1,587, Computer Usage: 103, New Patrons: 6

Old Business:
• The Library Budget is on track. Information on the Town Budget may be E-mailed this week.
• Errors on the Fairpoint invoice have been fixed. The average monthly charge for phone service (including surcharges and taxes) will be about $75.69.
• The 2015 Letter of Understanding has been signed by the Select Board and Library Trustees.
• The “Lunch at the Library” event will be held on April 4th. The menu will include soups, breads and desserts. All items are to be donated (by Hannaford’s, Peggy Sue’s, etc.) at no cost to the Library.
• The Trustees of the Trust Fund will meet in April and process the request to use the Expendable Trust to pay for snow removal from the Library roof.
• The “Library Needs Your Help” fundraiser has collected $930 (thus far) toward the $1,125 needed to pay for the books on the 50 states.
• Catherine will be attending the Book Expo on May 26th to the 30th. She has applied for a scholarship to assist with expenses.

New Business:
• The Book Sale will be held on May 22nd & 23rd. Plans for cashier coverage and clean-up are in the works.
• The Trustees voted “Yes” to changing the monthly meeting time from 6:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The day of the meeting will remain the same.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:30pm. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 6th at 4:00 pm.