Gay-Kimball LibraryGay-Kimball Library

August 2021 Library Trustee Minutes

Gay-Kimball Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
September 1st 4:30pm

Attendees: Kristan Tilton, Trustee; Tiffany Smith, Trustee; Eileen Breckell, Public

Approve Minutes – K.Tilton made a motion to approve the minutes from 02AUG2021. T.Smith seconded and all were in favor.
Public Comments – Eileen expressed concern with the minimal staffing of the library. K.Tilton expressed that there is a plan and several candidates in the current pipeline. Selection Committee reinstatement would be discussed later in the meeting.

Treasurer’s report – Trustees reviewed
Checking: $5,961 Memorial Fund: $653 (Austin $3,071)
Fines: $77 Petty Cash: $ unknown
Total: $9,762 +petty cash

August Librarian’s Statistics
Door count: 587            Circulation: 1,007             Computer Use: 32
Overdues: 14 items from 9 people                Programs: 50 people

Old Business – Trustees reviewed
• Budget
o Our side of the budget looks good
o Town Tax Dollars: last budget update from town attached.
• Final report for American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) due 9/30. Catherine will complete this by 9/15.
• The Spinner racks ordered with the money above have apparently shipped after many delays. Staff will need to put them together when they arrive. Catherine can talk with staff and remind them the plan for where they go.
• Follow up on trash pick-up – K.Tilton discussed with T.Smith that recently this had become an unexpected expense. K.Tilton was following up with prior volunteers to see if they are still willing to do this. Post meeting note: Becky Hackler and Bri Smith will still do this as a service to GKL.

New Business
• Welcome Tiffany Smith!
o Positions – treasurer, secretary, chair – K.Tilton holds all positions at this time and another Trustee will need to be identified. T. Smith will explore the positions in more detail.
o TD Bank Keene – Michael for signature cards – K.Tilton to send T.Smith contact information for Michael so that she can call ahead
• Covid Items – Trustees discussed community transmission levels as they relate to the library’s masking policy. K.Tilton made a motion to tie the level of masking needed to the Monadnock Regional School District masking matrix. T.Smith seconded and all were in favor.
• Selection Committee report – No report as the Selection Committee was previously suspended. Requesting the additional assistance of the Selection Committee was discussed and T.Smith made a motion to request the assistance of the original Selection Committee for assistance in the Library Director Search. K.Tilton seconded and all approved. K.Tilton will reach back out to the members to assess their interest.
• Library assistant hiring – Discussed in non-public
• New trustee manual –
• NHLTA Newsletter –
• Columbus Day Staffing – K.Tilton made a motion to close the library to observe Columbus Day Holiday on Saturday October 9th 2021 T.Smith seconded and all approved.
• Ongoing Trustee Meeting times – Due to the work schedules of the current trustees K.Tilton made a motion to change the time of the meeting to 5:30pm. T.Smith seconded and all approved. K.Tilton will reach out to Catherine to change the postings.

Next Meeting
October 6th 5:30pm

Meeting was adjourned at 5:58pm