Gay-Kimball Library

Board of Trustees Meeting February 6, 2019

Members Present: Jacque Sendrowski, Rebecca Hackler, Charleen Hoefsmit and Library Director Catherine Callegari

Public: Peg Rouleau

Jacque called the meeting to order at 4:36 pm

Jacque motioned to accept the January 9, 2019 meeting minutes as written, seconded by Charleen

Vote: all in favor

Treasurers Report–   Total Library accounts $ 11,650 (trust fund distribution 7,270)

Checking:  10,790            Memorial Fund: 653

Fines: 49                              Petty Cash: 158

Librarian Statistics–                                                        

Door count: 853                Meeting Room usage: 8                 New Patrons: 8

Circulation 1,643               Computer usage: 48

Highlights- Activities/ Events

  • Winter reading bingo- bingo cards have been sent home through TES, adults and kids can participate
  • Literacy Day- Jan 16 reading at the TES was so popular that new patrons resulted due to student enthusiasm
  • Jigsaw puzzles on the upstairs table for all to use
  • February school vacation engaging activities: Perler Beads, Artistic Crafts and Lego Mania
  • A grant was awarded to GKL from 50 books for 50 states- 50 diverse books will be shared with the TES and for prizes
  • The Library offers printing up to $1 worth of tax documents during tax season

Old Business

  1. The Library operating budget for 2019 has an adjustment on the health insurance expense line item
  2. Building Maintenance – the mice are under control the new alarm system is functioning properly
  3. Library policy update topics discussed – unattended children, Internet access and Social media
  4. Library policy recommendation of additional new policies on Debit Card and Petty Cash usage

New Business

  1. Moving the website host, Jeff Bergeron will still provide a level of tech support
  2. 2019 trustee candidate discussion – Charleen Hoefsmit will not run for office but is considering an alternate trustee role
  3. Peg Rouleau will be running on the ballot for Library trustee
  4. Troy budget hearing is Thursday 2/7/19 Catherine will represent the Library in support of the budget and warrant article
  5. Spring book sale will be held in May- numerous high-grade donations have been received for the sale


Meeting Adjourned 5:22 pm

Future meeting: Weds, March 6th at 4:30