Gay-Kimball LibraryGay-Kimball Library

Board of Trustees Meeting March 3, 2021

Gay-Kimball Library
Board of Trustees Meeting March 3, 2021

Members Present: Mame Bisaccio, Kristan Tilton, Rebecca Hackler and Library Director Catherine Callegari
Kristan called the meeting to order at 4:39 pm
Kristan motioned to accept the February 3, 2021 meeting minutes as written, seconded by Becky Vote: all in favor

Treasurers Report- Total Library accounts $ 9,198
Checking: $ 5,033 Memorial Fund: $ 653 (Austin $ 3071 )
Fines: $ 77 Petty Cash: $ 264

Librarian Statistics- December
Door count: 377 Meeting Room Usage: 11 Overdues: 25 items
Circulation 1,238 Computer usage: 13 Passive Program & Outreach: 30

Highlights- Activities/ Events
• The new literacy backpacks are available for patron check out, displayed in frequented area
• Velvet mini posters and Mandalas are available for patrons for take and make

Old Business
• Operating Budget- phone budget may exceed allocations due to unexpected increases for 2021
• The budget line item for heating oil maybe over allocation due to 2020 invoices were expended under 2021 budget
• Pandemic -we will continue to remain open with the current service model, social distancing effective

New Business
• Kristan attended a Primex hiring webinar – best practices on candidate interview questions and document retention
• Big talk for small libraries webinar- Feb 26, 2021. Topics include technology, programming and new roles for libraries
• Discussion on pricing outdoor extended access smart lockers – for patrons to pick up items during closed hours
• Catherine vacation March 17- March 29

Meeting adjourned 5:15 pm

Next meeting Wednesday April 7 at 4:30 pm
Rebecca Hackler-Secretary, Trustee