Gay-Kimball LibraryGay-Kimball Library

Board of Trustees Meeting September 11, 2019

Gay-Kimball Library
Board of Trustees Meeting September 11, 2019

Members Present: Peg Rouleau, Kristan Tilton and Library Director Catherine Callegari
Peg called the meeting to order at 4:32 pm
Peg motioned to accept the August 7, 2019 meeting minutes as written, seconded by Kristan Vote: all in favor

Treasurers Report- Total Library accounts $ 5,376 ($ 9,141)
Checking: $ 4,421 Memorial Fund: $ 653 (Austin $3,765 )
Fines: $ 76 Petty Cash: $226

Librarian Statistics-
Door count: 1108 Meeting Room Usage: 6 New Patrons: 10
Circulation 1604 Computer usage: 65 Program attendance: 328 (Adults: 103 Children: 233)
Catherine handed out historical door count, circulation, computer usage, summer reading program and programs/events attendance numbers.

Highlights- Activities/ Events
• New furniture – Catherine has purchased new furniture using bequest money for both the adult and children’s areas.
• TES class visits – Catherine will be at TES open house on 12SEP and is actively scheduling class visits.
• Upcoming Program on Sept 24 @6pm on the history of Gap and Monadnock. Presentation by an interpretive ranger from Monadnock State Park.
• Upcoming Book sale- Friday Oct 11th 6-8 pm & Saturday Oct 12th 9-2pm – Kristan is away.

Old Business
• TD bank signature card – Jaffrey location, Peg will try again to sign signature card.
• Budget: tax dollars, Austin bequest were discussed
• Building Maintenance- grass seed has been planted and stone fill installed around building, lights have been replaced on route 12 side of building bracketing the door
• ASRT National Library Partnership grant: Catherine bought 31 items, 5 of them non-book items totaling $439 dollars
• ARSL conference: NHLTA Mildred P McKay scholarship of $275 was awarded to cover the cost of registration.

New Business
Library trends- Macmillan is making changes to its e-book licenses (overdrive) which will reduce the number of books available from them. This is being fought country wide. Overall discussion of ebook pricing structures for libraries from the big 6 publishers.

Next meeting Wednesday October 2nd, 4:30 pm
Meeting adjourned at 5:11 pm
Kristan Tilton -Trustee