Gay-Kimball Library
Board of Trustees Minutes
January 7, 2015

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking: $1,728 Memorial Fund: $103
Fines: $332 Petty Cash: $458
Grand Total: $2,621

Librarian’s Statistics:

Door Count: 1,010 (1025)
Circulation: 1,632 (1,837)
Computer Usage: 81 (73)
New Patrons: 5

Yearly Statistics:

Total Circulation: 24,063
Faxes: 119
Computer Usage: 1,071
New Patrons: 188
Total Patrons: 1,482
Door Count: 14,489
Program Participation: 1,076
Children: 699
Adults: 377
Meetings: 82

Old Business:

The library has not received the budget information from the Town Hall at the time of the meeting, therefor Catherine was unable to update the board on the budget. The library will be receiving $8,283 from the trust fund.

The library has negotiated a new contract with Fairpoint, which has not taken effect yet due to the Fairpoint employees strike. Fairpoint has said that they will be backdating to bill to October 2014.

The Trustees hired Stewart Harris as the new custodian.

The trustees revisited the Troy Town News using the library. It was agreed that the arrangement was working well and library will continue to let them use the space.
New Business:

Allan’s term is up this year. He stated he would run again for Library Trustee.

The library had to have Pinney Plumbing come out to fix a leak.

Catherine will be reading to the students at Troy Elementary School for the National Reading Day celebration on January 22, 6-7pm. Allen will be the 2nd person in the library while she is at the event

The trustees gave Catherine permission to give the libraries T.V. away and purchase a new one for $100.

Next Meeting:

February 4th @ 6pm