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  • FERC Request for Comments

    FERC Northeast Energy Direct Project: Request for comments on environmental issues, and notice of public scoping meetings.

  • When A Pipeline Comes To Your Town

    CLICK ON THE POST TITLE TO GET A LIVE LINK TO THIS INFORMATION. The following pdf file is an informative slideshow called – When A Pipeline Comes To Your Town. PDF – When a pipeline comes to your town.

  • Information from TCC’s Pipeline information session 5/2/2015

    Information from the Troy Conservation Commission (TCC) information session on the proposed Kinder Morgan-Tennessee Gas Pipeline held on Saturday, May 2, 2015. Click on this post’s title (or more) to get live links to the information below. Troy Mills Superfund Site FERC Comments on Draft Resource Reports Pipeline Presentation 5-2015 Northeast Energy Direct (NED) Background […]

  • Pipeline maps

    This is the pipleline route from the Troy Planning Board (.pdf file). The previous maps on the website apparently showed municipal boundaries a little North (the pipeline itself was in the right location).

  • More pipeline information

    Additional information regarding the pipeline including maps from Mason, NH’s unofficial website run by Garth Fletcher.    

  • Information Session on Pipeline 5/2

    The Troy Conservation Commission (TCC) is holding an information session on the proposed Kinder Morgan-Tennessee Gas Pipeline Saturday, May 2 from 12:30 – 2:30 at the Samuel E. Paul Community Center, 61 South St. in Troy. Presentations include:  Pipeline Project Overview by Bob Dillberger from Mason. He holds degrees in Forestry and Wildlife Biology and […]

  • Big, detailed maps of Pipeline route through Troy

    The maps attached from the latest FERC filing (all that have “Troy” mentioned in the title). However, the dark line meant to represent the town line in each map appears to be inaccurate – you can see a Troy/Fitzwilliam line cuts through on South Street, where it obviously should not. Still, the maps are notable […]

  • Pipeline: Resource Reports – March 13, 2015

    Subject: Kinder Morgan — 3-13-15 Draft Environmental Report  

  • Troy Mills Landfill information

    Waste Site Cleanup & Reuse in New England:

  • Keep up with the Kinder Morgan pre-filing application

    Keep up with comments and important documents submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission under the Kinder Morgan Northeast Energy Direct pre-filing application:   Complete the steps listed, the docket of the project in questions is PF-14-22. 99% of the information is just general letters from individuals, however it is the best way to track […]