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  • Rec Department Meeting notes 5/25/2022

    Rec Dept Meeting Notes 05 25 2022 Members Present: Bob Norton, Tammy Ering, Ray Saunders Jake Betrolami, Stephanie Campbell, Curtis Hopkins Members Absent: Kyle Smith, Deb Wilson, Dave Ellis Lexie Hopkins, Sarah Thompson, Pilar Goodell, Bill Stinson Call To Order: 7:27PM Guests: Notes From Last Meeting: Motion: Curtis Second: Stephanie Selectman’s Corner: Curtis Hopkins Treasurer’s […]

  • Rec Department Meeting Minutes 5/11/2022

    Rec Dept Meeting Notes 05/11/2022 Members Present: Bob Norton, Curtis Hopkins, Stephanie Campbell, Tammy Eyring Lexie Hopkins, Bill Stinson, Ray Saunders, Kyle Smith Members Absent: Deb Wilson, Jacob Bertolami Pilar Goodell, Dave Ellis Call To Order: 7:08PM Guests: Notes From Last Meeting: Motion – Bill Second – Curtis Selectman’s Corner: Curtis Treasurer’s Report: New Business: […]

  • Recreation Department Meeting Notes

    Rec Dept Meeting Notes 04 13 2021 Members Present: Bob Norton, Bill Stinson, Kyle Smith, Ray Saunders Lexie Hopkins, Jacob, Bertolami, Tammy Eyring Members Virtual: Curtis Hopkins, Stephanie Campbell Members Absent: Pilar Goodell, Deb Wilson, Sarah Thompson, Dave Ellis Call To Order: 7:17PM Guests: N/A Notes From Last Meeting: Motion: Bob Second: Lexie Selectman’s Corner: […]