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December 2021 Library Board of Trustee Minutes


Gay-Kimball Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
Dec. 1st 5:30pm

Attendees: Kristan Tilton, Trustee; Tiffany Smith, Trustee; Colleen Brennan, Trustee; Jennifer Momaney, Director

K.Tilton called the meeting to order at 5:36pm
Approve Minutes – K.Tilton to send minutes for approval via Email.
Public Comments – None

Treasurer’s report – trustees reviewed
Checking: $ 4,413.89
Memorial Fund: $ 3,723.80 (Austin)
Fines: $ 76.75
Petty Cash: $424
Total: $ 8,638.44

November Librarian’s Statistics – trustees reviewed
Door count: 470 (55 less than Nov. 2020)
Programs: Storytime 4 kids, 2 adults
Circulation: 750 items
Computer Use: 19
Overdues: 67 items by 24 people
J. Momaney updated trustees that a system glitch had caused issues with due dates and has been resolved. May be a contributing factor to overdue items.

Old Business
• Budget
• Our side of the budget: looking good
• Town Tax Dollars: in shared google drive folder
• Staffing update – no applicants- J. Momaney to continue posting for library assistant positions on social media. She may also begin posting on ALA jobline to find students interested in aid position. Current staff is in good spirits.

New Business
• Contact list update- J. Momaney updated contact info for trustees
• Book sale- J. Momaney brought up that many books have been donated and she would like to plan a book sale in the spring. She has reached out to the town of Troy to check if any additional paperwork needs to be filed with the town.
–K. Tilton made a motion to approve a book sale in the spring of 2022 (date TBA) and Covid guidelines to be set by library director leading up to event. And reviewed by trustees.
—T.Smith seconded the motion– all in favor.

Next Meeting
Jan 5th 5:30pm