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Draft Select Board Meeting Minutes 4/2/2020



Thursday, April 2, 2020

Selectmen Present: Richard Thackston, Curtis Hopkins, Tim Byrnes
Staff Present: Joe Byk, Town Administrator, Fire Chief Huntoon

Chairman Thackston opened meeting at 6:21pm

Members of the Public Present: Richard HKS Thackston, Courtney Davis
Public Comments: N/A
Department Head Reports:
a. Police Chief: N/A
b. Town Administrator: Joe summarized the following:
a. Joe updated the to do list for follow-up on Town Warrant articles. Substantially completed.
Any Special Business:
a. The Board reviewed the issue of reporting protocol for non-resident owners and owners of vacant properties and reviewed an NHMA opinion letter. Joe was directed to follow up with questions raised by the Board.
Old Business:
a. The Board re-executed a Cease and Desist Order re: Property at 83 High Street, Troy, NH
b. The Board reviewed the present response to the COVID-19 virus. Joe presented talking points on the internal (staff and facilities) and external (interaction with the public for continuation of Town services). The Board reviewed written reports from Corporal Macek, Highway Director Atkins, Library Director Callegari and Recreation Director Norton. Fire Chief/EMS Chief Huntoon presented an in person report. He is coordinating/networking with state and regional efforts. The Town Clerk reports that the office is functioning and meeting needs under the present protocol. Joe advised that it appears Town services have continued without incident as best as can be expected under the recent order of the Governor – no complaints received.
c. Revisit of the Courtney Davis request to reverse the previous decision of the Board re: driveway issue. Mr. Davis stated numerous times that he does not understand what the Board wants. In response, Board Members stated numerous times that an agreement was made between Mr. Davis and the Board at the September 26, 2019 meeting, the video of which was replayed by Selectman Byrnes. The terms of the agreement have not been met. The Board directed the office to transcribe the audio from the video taken on 9/26 and forward to Mr. Davis so that he can meet the terms of the September 26, 2019 agreement and the issue can be resolved. Any relevant file information is available upon request by Mr. Davis and his Tax File is available for inspection at any time.

Consent Agenda:
a. The Board approved payroll manifests for 3/22 and 3/29
Motion: Selectman Hopkins, SECOND by Selectman Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0
b. The Board approved Accounts Payable manifest for 3/23
Motion: Selectman Hopkins, SECOND by Selectman Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0
c. The Board approved Public Minutes: 3/19 minutes previously posted in draft
Motion: Selectman Hopkins, SECOND by Selectman Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0
d. The Board approved Non- Public Minutes: 3/19 minutes previously posted in draft
Motion: Selectman Hopkins, SECOND by Selectman Byrnes VOTES 3-0
a. The Board reviewed correspondence regarding Personnel forms filed with the State and directed Joe to respond.
b. The Board approved timber cut requests and authorized Joe to complete a Certificate of Occupancy as requested by Pat Hunter and approved by Ed Atkins and Chief Huntoon.
Other Board Member Comments:
a. Chair Report: Chair Thacston directed Joe to run a prelimanary Tax Warrant – agreed to do on 4/7 after consultation w/ BMSI and former Town Administrator. The Chair reported that he is working w/ Walpole Savings Bank on the terms of a tax anticipation note to cover current expenses in the event revenues are not sufficient in a timely manner. He is negotiating a line of credit account which only pays interest on any draw down i.e. not the entire face amount even if not drawn down against. Joe was directed to continue his effort to explore any state or local aid under the federal subsidy package to cover any tax revenue shortfalls. Joe reported that he made inquiries to NH NHMA and NH DRA regarding possible resources yet to be determined.
b. Selectman Hopkins updated the public on upcoming Recreation Department events and the Planning Board initiative to develop a comprehensive noise ordiance that replaces the patchwork regulations in place.

MOTION to go into non-public session pursuant to RSA 91-A:3-2(e) (legal) at approximately 7:21
Selectman Thackston, SECOND by Selectman Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0

The Chair reconvened the public meeting at 7:55

MOTION to adjourn at 7:55 PM by Selectmen Hopkins, SECOND by Selectmen Byrnes VOTES 3-0-0.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55PM


___________________________ ________________________________
Joe Byk Richard Thackston, Chairman
Town Administrator
Curtis Hopkins

Timothy Byrnes