Gay-Kimball Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
February 7, 2018

Members Present: Allan Bailey, Jacque Sendrowski, Charleen Hoefsmit, and Library Director Catherine Callegari

Meeting called to order 4:01 PM.
Charleen moved to accept all minutes from the January Trustee meeting. Jacque seconded, motion carried.

Catherine presented the Treasurers Repot
Checking: $11,022 Memorial Fund: $353
Fines: $38 Petty Cash: $274
Grand Total: $11,697

Catherine presented January 2017 Statistics:
Door Count: 646 Meeting Room Usages: 9
Circulation: 1,415 Computer Usage: 51
New Patrons: 3

The Budget Committee approved the updated budget request for 2018

Catherine the Capital Reserve request was tabled until 2019.
The Warrant Article for $6000 for the LED lights will be voted upon at the town meeting.

Catherine presented the suggested updated rates of pay for GKL employees as requested.
Charleen made a motion to approve the new rate of pay listed by the Librarian, to be effective after the town meeting. Jacque seconded the motion. All in favor, motion passed.

Catherine presented the 2017 Annual Treasurers Report. At least one expense paid had no documentation. Fines/fees received as cash or check were not added separately in Square.
There is no documentation for money transferred to checking from petty cash. Catherine started a spread sheet for recording and documenting receipt of incoming/outgoing monies from petty cash and checks are no longer being put in Square.

Catherine spoke to the bank and they will not issue a GKL credit card unless it is in her name, this matter will not be explored further.

The wording in section H, Holidays, of the GKL personnel manual and general policy was rewritten to remove the following section “If the holiday falls on a day the library is normally closed (e.g. Monday) the employee will take the holiday on the most convenient day either before the holiday or after depending on staffing considerations. “.

Chairman Bailey moved to accept the new wording of the holiday policy. Charleen seconded. All in favor and motion passed.

The Board reviewed the new wording for Vacation Time (Section I) of the personnel manual and general policy that was discussed in the January 2108 meeting. Chairman Bailey moved to accept the new wording, Charleen seconded, all in favor, motion passed.

Catherine updated the Board on the status of the carpet repairs. The front entry carpet squares were replaced with one area carpet. The installation of carpeting by Carpet One was subpar, as is their customer service. Catherine does not expect them to continue to do any further repairs.

The thank-you email for the Lang Donation will be sent by Chairman Bailey.

The missing laptop was found, Stephanie Charlefour had forgotten to return it. Catherine had it updated and it is ready for use.

Allan discussed the need for more clarification on the subject of public advertising and signage display at the library in the GKL Library Policy Manuel.

Chairman Bailey moved to add a sentence stipulating no political advertising of any kind be placed on the property. Charleen seconded the motion. Motion passed.

GKL Director Callegari will be attending PLA, March 20-24.

Catherine presented the 2018 Letter of Understanding between the GKL Trustees and the Troy Board of Selectmen.
Chairman Bailey moved to accept the Letter of Understanding, Charleen seconded, motion passed. The Letter of Understanding was signed by all members of the GKL Board of Trustees.

Catherine mentioned that the previous GKL librarian did not have all her time sheets signed by a Trustee which is required.

Catherine discussed the collaboration of the Summer Reading Program with Troy Summer Recreation. She will be attending a meeting of the Troy Recreation Committee. She would like to see more involvement between the Recreation Department and the GKL.

Director Callegari has not been able to locate the GKL Book of Trustee meeting minutes. Hard copies should be available for display; which was not being done under the previous GKL Director.

Jacque expressed interest in attending the NHLTA Trustee Orientation In April and the 2018 NHLTA Conference in May.

There are currently two individuals running for the one GKL Trustee position.
Dick Thackston is going to run for Town Selectman. Allan Bailey will run for Town Moderator.

There were no public comments.

The next Board of Trustee meeting will be March 7, 2018 at 4:00 PM

Chairman Bailey moved to adjourn the meeting at 5:31 PM.