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February 2022 Library Trustee Meeting Minutes


Gay-Kimball Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

Feb 2 2022 5:30pm 

Attendees: Kristan Tilton, trustee; Tiffany Smith, Trustee; Colleen Brennan, Trustee; Jennifer Momaney, Director

KT called the meeting to order at 5:30pm

Approve Minutes – KT motion to approve minutes. TS seconded none opposed

Public Comments – None

Treasurer’s report

  • Checking: $ 5246.72
  • Memorial Fund: $ 3723.80
  • Fines: $ 76.75
  • Petty Cash: $ 183
  • Total: $ 9230.27


January Librarian’s Statistics

  • Door count: 403
  • Programs: 3 Storytime – 9 Children and 4 adults
  • Circulation: 904
  • Computer: 14
  • Digital Content Downloads (Libby): 140
  • Overdues: 52 items by 23 patrons

Old Business

  • Staffing update – one applicant interviewed withdrew her name from consideration.
  • 2022 Strategic Plan update- Jennifer to begin audit on subject matter and diversity of GKL book collection. Some information can be obtained through data query other topics will consist of manual and physical investigation/reading. This will take a while but is certainly a worth while project to determine where GKL could improve offerings to the community and schools for education and exposure.
  • JM has added events to GKL calendar. STEM focused story time. A community read with overdrive.  An adult book discussion on toxic relationships.  TS mentioned that GKL website is not really user friendly.  JM is aware and hoping to look into making some changes.
  • Budget
  • Our side of the budget:
    • Water and Sewage- this was originally taken care of by the town but will now be the responsibility of GKL to pay. The budget comity added emergency provisions to take care of costs.  JM to make sure the provision will cover the full cost of water and sewer each month.
    • Memorial Fund Disbursement: $1585.83
  • Bank account deposit from last summer: $34 – JM reached out to TD bank and found this was two checks deposited with Books in the memo line. CB to reach out to TD for copies of the checks. CB will also look into possibly switching GKL accounts to savings bank of Walpole.  More info to come at next meeting.

New Business

  • Wifi- GKL has been upgraded to fiber internet. The router network extenders are not currently working. JM to address this on a day when the library is closed so she can shut down wifi in the building to work on routers.  Richardson computers might also be a good resource if needed.
  • Summer Reading- in the past the theme has been oceans. JM would like to utilize IREAD program with the theme of camping. Trustees agreed this sounds like a good idea for our community.
  • Dues for PO BOX are due.$160.00 In the past the director has paid with petty cash. KT made a motion to write a check to the post office to have a physical record of payment. TS seconded. None opposed.

Other items

KT said none of our names are on the town ballot for election coming up. 2 positions are open.  One other person is running.  We should make sure to write in the name in the other position to avoid a vacancy on the board.

KT Mentioned that we should check our website and archive of newsletters.  JM will look into this.

KT – Troy rec department has a family event, thought this would be a good place/time to display calendar events for GKL.  JM will be in touch with Troy rec to increase community outreach.

KT would like to make sure GKL has communication with Troy elementary school for programs and story time. JM has been in touch with the school and will be starting more involvement as the weather improves this spring.

TS asked to review policies in regards to challenging books. KT asked to also review current policy of patron conduct in regards to protecting GKL books. These policies will be reviewed and updated if needed at the March meeting.

TS asked if Catherine our previous director is still retained as a transition facilitator? JM has not had to reach out to her and feels that she is now settled into her position and the transition feels complete.  KT made a motion to send a thank you and communication to Catherine that her position as interim library director and transition facilitator is no longer needed.  TS second. None opposed. KT to send communication.

KT made  a motion to adjourn meeting at 6:18pm TS Second. None opposed.

Next Meeting

March 2nd 5:30pm