Gay-Kimball LibraryGay-Kimball Library

Gay-Kimball Library Board of Trustees Meeting January 6, 2021

Gay-Kimball Library
Board of Trustees Meeting January 6, 2021

Members Present: Mame Bisaccio, Kristan Tilton, Rebecca Hackler and Library Director Catherine Callegari
Public: Brianne Rouleau
Mame called the meeting to order at 4:30 pm
Kristan motioned to accept the December 2, 2020 meeting minutes as written, seconded by Mame Vote: all in favor

Treasurers Report- Total Library accounts $9,384
Checking: $ 5,224 Memorial Fund: $ 653 ( Austin $ 3071 )
Fines: $ 77 Petty Cash: $359

Librarian Statistics- December
Door count: 490 Meeting Room Usage: 10 Overdues: 40 items
Circulation 1,474 Computer usage: 12 Passive Program & Outreach: 112 (adults 36, Children 76

Full Year 2020 Librarian Statistics
Door count: 6,374 Meeting Room Usage: 83 Patrons 1,191
Circulation 16,588 Computer usage: 391 Passive Program & Outreach: 1,465

Highlights- Activities/ Events

Old Business
Operating Budget- Library budget, Trust funds – on target for 2020 expenses from taxpayer funds – roughly 3% left
Pandemic – we will continue to remain open with the current service model but that may change depending on changing circumstances
The new Library Assistant’s training is on target as scheduled.

New Business
The Trustees of the Trust Funds recommended quarterly disbursements of the Library Trust Fund in lieu of an annual allocation. This allows the remaining funds in the trust to incur the higher interest rate of the investments.
Becky motioned to change the investment allocation frequency to a quarterly disbursement, Seconded by Mame
Vote: All in favor Trust fund annual disbursement is 9,431.12

Donation received in Peg Rouleau’s memory from a former classmate from Bar Harbor Maine

Meeting adjourned 4:59 pm

Next meeting Wednesday February 3, 2021 at 4:30 pm via zoom
Rebecca Hackler-Secretary, Trustee