Gay-Kimball LibraryGay-Kimball Library

Gay-Kimball Library Board of Trustees Meeting July 1, 2020

Gay-Kimball Library
Board of Trustees Meeting July 1, 2020

Members Present: Peg Rouleau, Kristan Tilton, Rebecca Hackler and Library Director Catherine Callegari
Peg called the meeting to order at 4:33 pm
Peg motioned to accept the June 3, 2020 meeting minutes as written, seconded by Kristan Vote: all in favor

Treasurers Report- Total Library accounts $11,772
Checking: $ 7,831 Memorial Fund: $ 653 ( Austin $ 3071 )
Fines: $ 77 Petty Cash: $141

Librarian Statistics- (Pick up, by appointment 6/2 regular hours 6/15)
Door count: 392 Meeting Room Usage: 6 Overdues: 55 items
Circulation 1,462 Computer usage: 25 Program & Outreach attendance: 26

Highlights- Activities/ Events
• The summer reading program has started 6/20 – 40 participants enrolled in the program
• In observance of the holiday, the Library will be closed Saturday, July 4
• Chester has been donating for years to the Library – recent gift of 14 books from the Amazon wish list
• A meeting will take place with the summer rec program to collaborate on activities

Old Business
• Operating Budget- town reimbursement pending for approx. $ 1,000
• Library budget, Trust funds – on target for expenses
• Expenses will be kept to the essentials – unpredictable 2021 for budgets and funding

• Library Covid costs- $717 – the face shields purchased for the staff are working well and feedback is positive
o Free disposable face masks are available for the patrons
• Clear shield barriers were installed at the circulation desk
• NH Emergency Operations donated 8 containers of disinfectant wipes
• Circulation pick up in the entry way and special needs by appointment can be scheduled in advance

New Business
• Meeting room is arranged with 4 tables -6 feet in distance for newspapers, personal computer or reading
• Kristan Tilton has participated in a virtual Trustee Orientation workshop via Zoom

Meeting adjourned 5:13 pm

Next meeting Wednesday August 5, 2020 at 4:30 pm
Rebecca Hackler-Secretary, Trustee