Gay-Kimball Library Infectious Disease Event / Pandemic Policy

Gay-Kimball Library Infectious Disease Event / Pandemic Policy

The Gay-Kimball Library has established the following policy to follow in the event of an infectious disease event/pandemic.

1. The Gay-Kimball Library will close due to infectious disease event/pandemic if there is a mandate or recommendation for closure issued by the Library Board of Trustees or public health / government officials at the local, county, or state level. In the event of a closure, items won’t be due until the library reopens.

2. Effective communication about any reduction in services or open hours is of the utmost importance. The Library director will immediately post information about closures, etc. on the library website, social media sites, outside the library, at the Post Office, etc.

3. At the discretion of the Library Director and/or the Library Board of Trustees, the Gay-Kimball Library may reduce its operating hours, or limit services (e.g. programming) or add safety procedures during the infectious disease event/pandemic. Disinfecting and/or cleaning procedures issued by public health officials will be followed as possible.

4. If Troy Elementary School is closed, the Gay-Kimball Library will remain open unless one of the aforementioned requirements for closing is also met. However in response to a school closure, all non-circulating children’s materials may be removed from public areas during the duration of the school closure to minimize spread through surfaces frequently touched by children. Kits might be placed into storage and be temporarily unavailable for circulation.

5. Our Staffing Policy will remain in effect in the event of a pandemic. Lack of staff may require:
-Cancellation of programs, special events, and meeting room reservations.
-Reduction in open hours or complete library closure

6. If reduced staffing, limited open hours or services are required, the library staff shall prioritize responsibilities that most directly impact patrons prior to any other work tasks if they can follow recommended safety guidelines. Priority responsibilities are:
i. Direct patron assistance: check out, issuing library cards, computer and reference assistance, facility and collection supervision/safety.
ii. Patron related-tasks: Processing ILLS, check in, incoming delivery, shelving.
iii. Workflow tasks: material orders, cataloging
iv. Essential services: payroll, processing bills for payment, Library Board meetings.
v. The Library Director will direct the priority of all other required tasks not listed.

7. Library staff will be provided with necessary equipment such as gloves, surface disinfectants, etc. as needed.

8. If for any reason, the Library Director is unable or unavailable to perform the responsibilities and decisions outlined in this policy, administrative authority for this policy and all library operations will be the responsibility of the Library Board of Trustees.