Gay-Kimball Library Meeting Room Policy

Gay-Kimball Library offers the Ripley Room for use by individuals and groups. The purpose of this meeting room policy is to ensure equal access and orderly scheduling. Library functions and programs shall have first priority for use of the meeting room. If not in use for library functions, the Ripley Room may be used with the following qualifications:


  1. The library’s meeting room is open to Troy groups engaged in civic, educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities. All groups must register by signing this form prior to their initial meeting. Upon approval by the Library Director and/or Board of Trustees, users may schedule meeting times. Groups must re-register annually. The person or organization responsible for the meeting is responsible for any damages incurred.
  2. The Ripley Room is available during hours the library is open to the public. If a meeting is scheduled to begin at closing time, at least one attendee must arrive 10 minutes beforehand. Meeting room use may continue past library closing time; such arrangements must be made with the Library Director one open day in advance. In that case, the main entrance will be locked upon library closing; the meeting sponsor is responsible for seeing that all persons attending the meeting exit the building, that all lights are turned off, and that the main door closes properly.
  3. The meeting room may be booked up to 3 months in advance. Reservations are accepted on a first- come, first-served basis. No guarantee is given concerning the continuing availability of the room for regularly scheduled monthly or weekly meetings.
  4. Light refreshments are permitted. Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Groups must supply their own coffee, cups, utensils, etc. The group is responsible for disposing of leftover food in the trashcan; clean the kitchenette if it has been used.
  5. Groups will be responsible for setting up the meeting room according to their own needs. Chairs, tables, and a television with DVD player is available. Any specials arrangements for technology must be made with the Library Director two open days in advance. The group must restore the room to neat order. If the heat has been on, return the thermostat to 60 degrees; close and lock open windows. Any necessary set-up and take-down should be included in the time being reserved.
  6. No parent or guardian attending a meeting or program in the meeting room may leave any child under age seven unattended in the library.
  7. If unused, the Ripley Room is available for walk-in use by tutor teams, study groups, and library patrons. Gifts and donations to the library shall have no bearing on availability of the meeting room.
  8. No group using the meeting room shall charge an admission fee or sell materials or services. The meeting room is not available for purely social functions designed for the entertainment of friends or associates.
  9. The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the Library does not constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs, and any publicity surrounding the event must not imply Library sponsorship

The library reserves the right to change or cancel reservations.

Any group that fails to comply with policy may be denied further use of the meeting room.

 Please complete the below section and submit to the Library prior to using the meeting room.

Name of group:

Name of contact person:

Address & phone number:

I understand and will abide by the policy governing the use of the GKL meeting room.

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