GKL Board of Trustees Meeting August 30, 2018

Gay-Kimball Library
Board of Trustees Meeting August 30, 2018

Members Present: Jacque Sendrowski, Charleen Hoefsmit, Rebecca Hackler and Library Director Catherine Callegari

Meeting called to order at 4:02 pm
Jacque motioned to accept the July 11 meeting minutes as written, seconded by Charlene. All in favor

Treasurer’s report – Total Library accounts: $ 9105
Checking 8,312 Memorial Fund 353
Fines 87 Petty Cash 353

Librarian’s Statistics
Door count: 1048 Meeting Room usage: 8 New Patrons:8
Circulation: 1434 Computer Usage: 44

Highlights- Activities/ Events
New magformers were purchased for the patrons use
Spirograph art design will be alternated on the central activity table with the coloring posters
The library received a large scrapbooking donation
The Curator of the Titantic display offered to provide a presentation on the artifacts

Old Business
DOL report for new hires- employers are required to keep a copy of the employee’s driver’s license/ID which is included in the Federal I9 form and the job offer letter signed by the employee detailing salary and benefits. We were only missing copies of IDs for Library staff. The information is now currently on file.

Building Maintenance update- broken siding replaced, old book drop removed, quote for alarm monitoring, received, water backflow system needs to be tested according to Justin at Water Sewer (appointment made), leaking water heater and dehumidifier replaced

Library Personnel Policy – group discussion and edits on pages 12- to end. Working remotely, hours, and collection development. Jacque motioned to adopt all changes agreed upon by the group. Motion seconded and passed. All in favor. Catherine will provide the updates.

Group discussion on all of the Library line items on the Library operating budget that are questionable. Catherine has asked Christina the Administrative Assistant for the Quick Books detail page to verify entries.

New Business
Termination letters from the Selectboard were discussed
TES open house – Sept 6 from 6-7 pm Charlene will manage the Library table – Becky will assist
Library Book Sale Friday and Saturday Oct 5 & 6 – volunteers discussed

Holiday Closings- discussed and agreed upon. Thanksgiving: Thurs, Nov 22 Christmas: Saturday, Dec 22 and Tues, Dec 25 New Year’s day: Tues, Jan 1

Budget Committee update- Becky provided the Budget Committee schedule for the 2018-19 term and a hand out from the Budcom department training meeting from Aug 16th

Cost of administering our town operating budget tax dollars- Catherine has been having discussions with Rhoda Sheats at Water & Sewer regarding setting up the Library with Quicken for operating budget payables, excluding payroll . Rhonda estimates the set up time to be approx. 40 hours and advised the program is easy to manage. Discussions have occurred with Janet the Treasurer regarding how and when the funding would be appropriated. Becky will follow up with Janet on the process.

Meeting Adjourned 5:07 pm
Next meeting: Wednesday- October 3, 2018 @ 4pm

Rebecca Hackler
GKL Trustee