Guidelines for Services During an Infectious Disease Event

Guidelines for Re-Opening from an Infectious Disease Event

All levels will take into consideration NH and CDC guidelines and procedures for safety.

Level 5: Temporary closure, no staff in building – State mandated shelter in place/lockdown

    1. Book drop closed; blanket post-closure due date (change as needed)
    2. Focus on online resources
    3. Online library card registration
    4. Use social media including website to
      1. Provide information about Library, town operations & disease event
      2. New & existing online resources
      3. New online library programs
      4. Other useful or interesting online activities & information

Level 4: Temporary Closure, staffed with no public access  – State mandated stay-at-home order

  1. Continue Level 5 activities b – d
  2. Allow patrons to return library materials in book drop with materials quarantine procedure in place for all returned items
  3. Begin no contact entryway pickup of library materials requested via phone, email, or catalog holds
  4. Focus on online programming to fill community needs.
  5. Staff allowed to work in building with social distancing. PPE provided as needed.
  6. Conduct Summer Reading program via
    1. Participatory format associated with entryway pick-up — bingo card, reading log bookmark, etc. that can be returned for drawings or participation prizes
    2. Transition some aspects online

Level 4a: Mostly closed, staffed with limited public access  – State mandated stay-at-home order but non-essential businesses open

          1. Same activities as Level 4
          2. Allow patron access by appointment for item check out and computer use.

Level 3: Moderated Services- Social Distancing, any NH group guidelines

  1. Continue Level 4 activities – b, c, e
  2. Reorganize physical library spaces to assist patrons in conforming with social distance mandate: may include – tape lines on floor at front desk to space out patrons, removing chairs, moving or turning off computer stations, setting up meeting room as socially distanced reading/computing area, etc.
  3. Have check-put procedures in place that limit contact. Return to regular check out policies – due dates, etc.
  4. Allow use of computers, printing, copy, fax, scan, newspapers. Staff may not be able to assist if social distancing is not possible or patron masks are not worn
  5. No library programs other than make-and-take crafts supplies to go. (NH group guidelines of 10 or less)
  6. If necessary, implement system to enforce group guidelines such as – limit patrons to 30 minute maximum in library; 30 minutes maximum on computers if patrons are waiting to enter; place cones or marks on sidewalk to space out people in line; issue numbers to call people in from cars when it is their turn to enter
  7. If necessary, begin a reservation system for computer access longer than 1 hour (tests, tax filing, job applications)
  8. Only library programs that are passive programs, make-and-take crafts to go, guessing games, etc. (NH group guidelines of 50 or less)
  9. Resume all other services but limit toys and multi-touch items. (NH group guidelines of 50 or less)
  10. Conduct Summer Reading program via
    1. Regular SRP as much as possible while following social distancing.
    2. May transition some aspects online
  • No group in-person programming (storytime, animal show, Ice Cream Social etc.) that cannot follow mandated social distancing or NH group guidelines

Level 2: Precautionary levels – mandated social distancing

  1. Continue with all social distancing and social media initiatives including entryway pickup if warranted
  2. Update quarantine procedure for returned items if needed
  3. Conduct Summer Reading program
    1. Regular SRP as much as possible while following social distancing.

Level 1: No state mandates or guidelines – no limits to services

  1. Monitor information channels for changes to state mandates and/or guidelines. Be prepared to change Levels as needed in response.