Gay-Kimball Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
January 3, 2018

Members Present: Allan Bailey, Jacque Sendrowski, Charleen Hoefsmit, and Library Director Catherine Callegari

Meeting called to order 4:05 PM.

Chairman Bailey moved to accept all minutes from the November 29 Trustee meeting. Charleen seconded, motion carried.

Catherine presented the 2017 Treasurers Repot-Year End Totals:
Checking: $1,243 ($1,500 of $2743 encumbered),    Memorial Fund: $701
Fines: $13 Petty Cash: $129

Grand Total: $2086 ($3586 with encumbered)

Catherine presented the 2017 Librarian’s Statistics:
2017 Door Count: 10,978 Down 12% (2016: 1,500) 2017 meeting Room Usage: 106
2017 Circulation: 16,459 Down 17% (2016:19,904) 2017 Computer Usage 499
2017 New Patrons: 50

Catherine informed the Board the new magnets with GKL’s new hours should be in by 1/9/18.


The Board discussed rewriting certain aspects of the personnel manual and general policy in regards to accruing of and cashing out vacation. Allan will write up proposed changes for the next meeting.

Staff pay raise: Discussions were tabled until February Meeting. Raises will not take effect until after the Town Meeting and approval of the 2018 budget.

While some of the major issues were repaired, i.e. the stairs, many more carpet installation issues have surfaced. The carpeting in the front entry needs to be replaced; areas of carpet have inadequate adhesion. Catherine has had an increasingly difficult time reaching Chad from the carpet company and him committing to fixing the necessary repairs.

Lang Donation: The new 55 inch television with bracket has been mounted in the conference room with commemorative plaque in place. Chairman Bailey will write up a Thank-You letter to email to the Lang family and Trust.

Catherine discussed not replacing the GKL book drop but having a water proof protective case made and installed over the book drop.
Chairman Bailey moved to allow GKL Director Catherine Callegari to negotiate the purchase of a structure to protect the book drop. Jacque seconded. Vote unanimous.


Catherine inquired about the Rural Gateways Grant the GKL received in 2016. The Board does not know the specifics involved.

According to RSA 91-A: 5, IV the GKL personal manual can be made public.

GKL Director Callegari informed the Board that the previous director had miscounted 2016 circulation statistics. The corrected statistic is a 3% increase instead of the reported 9.5% increase.

Catherine informed the Board Jim Walsh will roof rake during the winter for $15 per occurrence, this will be billed and paid via the GKL Seasonal labor line item.

Catherine will be sharing part of the GKL new books obtained through the Bookapolooza with the Troy Elementary School. 200 new books will be housed in the school library for the reminder of the school year and returned to the GKL for the summer. Catherine will be doing a spot check of the collection twice a month. The Troy School is very excited to have the opportunity to offer new books to the student population and the GKL is excited to have its collection more widely available. If things go well, Catherine will rotate new books at the beginning of the next school year.

Selectman’s Update: Chairman Bailey reported that the budget season is almost over, up next is the public hearing.  Individual sections of the town’s annual report will be posted online as they become available for public inspection.  There will be a public hearing in Troy on a warrant article to be put on the town ballot in March to vote on allowing Keno in the town’s pouring establishments.

Catherine reported that after reviewing 2017 library receipts and reports, the GKL should have three laptop computers; 2 purchased in 2/2016 and one from 2012. One of the 2/2016 laptops is currently missing. Catherine has inquired with the previous director on the whereabouts of said laptop.

Chairman Bailey moved to go to non-public session according to RSA 91-3A, II (c). Jacque seconded, all in favor motion passed. The Board went into non-public session at 5:30 PM.

The Board returned to public session at 5:52 PM.

Chairman Bailey informed the group he will not be seeking reelection to the GKL Board of Trustees.

There were no public comments.
The next meeting will be February 7, 2018 at 4 PM.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:02 PM.