Gay-Kimball Library
Board of Trustees Meeting June 6, 2018

Members Present: Jacque Sendrowski, Charleen Hoefsmit, Rebecca Hackler and Library Director Catherine Callegari

Meeting called to order at 3:59 pm
Motion was made to accept the May 9th Trustee meeting minutes as written, seconded and passed

Treasurer’s report – Total Library accounts: 9,983
Checking 9,171 Memorial Fund 353
Fines 73 Petty Cash 386

Librarian’s Statistics
Door count 1012 Meeting Room usage 7
Circulation 1422 Computer Usage 76
New Patrons 13

Highlights- Activities/ Events
Spring Book sale May 25 & 26 was a huge success – $ 1,160 in sales

Special events “Special Events This Summer”flyer shared with the team

350.00 Mini grant was donate by C&S Grocers proceeds will be used to purchase books for the Sumer Reading Program

KSC Library has made renovations and is giving away 9×5 shelving.

Old Business
The replacement LED lights for the children’s area passed as a town warrant article. Charlene will cut a check from the Library account while the town admin sorts out how to pay the vendor from the warrant.

Trustee Job summary- group discussion and review of the edits
Trustee by laws – group discussion and review of the edits
Library Policy – group discussion and review of the edits
Jacque motioned to add a line item to include the Code of Ethics. Motion was made, seconded and passed to accept all 3 documents with minor edits. Catherine will update and send an electronic version to the Trustees.

Catherine provided a list of all of the line items on the Library operating budget that are questionable. Total is approximately $4000.00 that does not appear to be correct. Catherine will share our concerns with the Budget Committee Thursday 6/8.

Group discussion on employee paychecks, paydays and salaries. Staff increases are still not in the checks. Discussion on advising the Budget Committee the Library maybe looking into a warrant article for the Library operating budget and manage our own payroll and expense reporting. Trustees agreed to allow the Town Administrative Assistant a few months to get issues corrected before taking action.

Book Expo in NY conference was on May 29th Catherine was able to obtain 87 lbs of free books. Only cost was for shipping at approx. 2.00 a book. The books will be used in circulation and gifting.

Library Director job description – group review and editing of format changes. Becky will update and the Trustees will review new draft at the next meeting.

New Business
Darline Harris had requested to be on the “fill in” employee list vs the regular weekly employee schedule. Catherine will be posting a job opening on the Library website and in other places.

Group discussion on Library Director Performance Evaluation. Jacque obtained a template from the Trustees workshop. Catherine has a template used in the past. Catherine will share at the next meeting.

July 21- the Historical Society is having a craft fair/ Flea market. Jacque would like representation from the Library at the fair with a marketing table. Catherine has some ideas for the materials.

Meeting Adjourned 6:05 pm
Next meeting: Wednesday- July 11, 2018 @ 4pm

Rebecca Hackler
GKL Trustee