Gay-Kimball LibraryGay-Kimball Library

Library Board of Trustee Minutes 8/3/2022

A regular meeting of the Trustee Board of the Gay-Kimball Library was held at the Gay-Kimball library on 8/3/2022.

Call to Order: 5:32pm

Trustees attending: Kristan Tilton, Colleen Brennan

Trustees not attending: Richard Thaeksten

Approval of the minutes

Public Comments: Personnel complaints heard

Treasurer’s reports: Totals reviwed

Library Director’s report: door count still lower than pre-COVID-19 but improving

Unfinished Business: 

Subject: Bill paying discussion re: if it can be done through town hall Motion made by Kristan _ that bill paying will remain internal. Motion carried

Kristan to call SBW to request appointment

New Business:

Subject: Eco friendly book jackets Motion made by Kristan _ that book jackets remain the same. Motion carried

Announcement: Darline to donate dehumidifier for use in basement.

Meeting Adjourned: 6:15pm