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March 19, 2018 Select Board Minutes

Monday, March 19, 2018 6:30
Selectmen Present: Richard Thackston, Barbara Guelcher, and Curtis Hopkins

Present: Ben Drugg, Jody McDermott, Joel Thompson, Lynn Smith, Kathy Marrotte, Greg Ogershok, Chief David Ellis, Jr., Janet L. McCullough, Herb Drugg, John Satas

Selectmen Thackston called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.

Election of New Chairman. MOTION made by Selectman Hopkins to nominate Richard Thackston as New Chairman, SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher, 2 in favor, one abstained.

March 12, 2018 Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes – MOTION made by Selectwoman Guelcher to accept minutes as presented, SECOND Selectman Hopkins, 2 in favor, one abstained.

Announcements – Selectman Hopkins shared that on 3/23/18 at 6:30 there will be a Kids Movie night with popcorn.

Public Comments:
Greg Ogershok – Mr. Ogershok shared with the Board that he takes care of the shoveling for Brian Foley who is a disabled vet who lives at 1 Central Square. His concern is that when the sidewalk plow goes by all the shoveling he has done needs to be redone. The snow tends to cover Mr. Foley’s bulked after it is already cleared. Mr. Ogershok also shared that when he is out there this does not happen. The Board will discuss with the Highway Department.

Kathy Marrotte- Historical Society – Mrs. Marrotte would like to file a complaint against Janet McCullough, the Town Treasurer. Mrs. Marrotte claims that Mrs. McCullough took it upon herself to have their bank statements from the credit union put online and then also had the addressed changed so they were mailed directly to the Town of Troy. Today Mrs. McCullough called the Police to come and pick-up the checkbook from me. Mrs. Marrotte shared that the checkbook is messed up. The only signatures on the checking account are Kathy Marrotte, Gary Phelps, and Lynn Smith, they did not setup for Janet to sign. Mrs. McCullough shared that she went to the credit union and filled out the necessary paperwork and is a signer on the account as well. Chairman Thackston shared that changes should come from the Selectmen’s office so we can keep the lines of communication open. Mrs. McCullough shared with the Board that the auditors are the ones that had written us up and stated that all the checkbooks should be held in the Selectmen’s office held by the Administrative Assistance. Mrs. Marrotte would like the checkbook to be held at the Historical Society. Chairman Thackston would like to read-up on the auditors review and discuss with Mrs. McCullough and get back with Mrs. Marrotte next week.

Chairman Thackston’s Agenda – Chairman Thackston shared how he would like to setup the agenda as chairman, he will like to have his agenda done ahead of time and e-mailed to each select person to review before the meeting.

Board had discussion regarding the manifests for payroll and payables and how the checks are cut the same day. Chairman Thackston was unaware of how the Town process was done.

Chairman Thackston shared with the Board the Non-Public Session Rules 91A:3 this is used for a specific purpose and you can only address one purpose at a time in non-public session. You need to go in and out of non-public session if you have more than one purpose to go into non-public session. Non-public sessions are only non-public for 72 hours unless the minutes are sealed. Sealed minutes can be for a period of time or forever.

Lynn Smith- Troy Town News –Mrs. Smith would like to know who would be now doing the Selectmen’s Corner. Chairman Thackston will take care of this.

1. Complaints – Map 32 Lot 2A – Non-public litigation
2. Ridley Map 12 Lot 3 & L0t 11 – filed with his title insurance. This was deeded to the incorrect person. There is no litigation so at this time there is nothing for the Town to do.
3. Wage Scale – Selectwoman Guelcher shared that it is completed just needs to be typed up. This wage scale shows grades and steps.
4. Troy Redevopment Group – no update. Tax deeded property. Chairman Thackston asked if we notified the lien holders. Selectman Hopkins thought we had. The lien holders are Governor of US, State of NH and Town of Troy. Chairman Thackston will check with Marcy. The TRG has a fair amount of money (at least $7,000). Docu-shed is putting his $2,500 rent a month in an escrow account. There is 18 months of rent floating around.
5. Building Permit Fees – Selectman Hopkins asked if we were going to continue to go with the new schedule of fees. As some of the warrant articles passed and others didn’t. We will continue to move forward. Chairman Thackston suggested we leave this off the agenda until such time it is ready to be presented to the Select Board.
6. 83 High Street – complaint had a 3/9/18 deadline. This was in regards to the debris in the front yard. Letter was sent they did not conform to the letter. MOTION made by Selectwoman Guelcher to move forward to refer to contact Attorney Silas Little for enforcement, SECOND by Selectman Hopkins, VOTE is unanimous.
7. Search Committee – Mr. Ben Drugg shared that the Search Committee’s recommendation is to hire (using a temp agency) a receptionist to be able to keep the Selectmen’s Office open Monday thru Friday. This will give the search committee some leeway to look for an Administrative Assistant. Mr. Drugg shared that there are multiple problems the Search Committee sees they are as follows: we need an Administrative Assistance to the Select Board, a Welfare Administrator and an Administrator. So the official recommendation from the search committee is to hire a receptionist to keep the Selectmen’s Office open Monday thru Friday 4 hours a day. Chairman Thackston shared he had asked his daughter Annie Thackston if she would be willing to help out for 10 days at $14.00 per hour as she has just finished her temp assignment. Mrs. McDermott shared that she is familiar with the land use, tax cards and has offered up her knowledge and time for 4 hours a day 5 days a week for $11.00 per hour. Selectwoman Guelcher made motion to hire Annie Thackston at $14.00 per hour, no action taken.

Payroll Manifest– MOTION made by Selectwoman Guelcher to accept the payroll manifest in the amount of $8,312.54, SECOND by Selectman Hopkins, VOTE is unanimous.

1. SWITCHING TO VERIZON FROM U.S. CELLUAR – Report from Chairwoman Guelcher is that they are having difficulty switching from US Cellular to Verizon. The reason for the switch is due to the ambulance not being able to get service from the meese in certain areas. Selectwoman Guelcher and Chief Ellis are working on together and will get in touch with Mark Huntoon.
2. Vision – Selectwoman Guelcher shared with the Board we have a contract that begins on 3/15/18 that put our property cards online. Selectwoman Guelcher will follow-up with Vision, cost is $1550.00 for 12 months.
3. Driveway Permits – Driveway permits are being issued as they have always been issued.
4. Selectman Representative to Committees – Selectman Hopkins shared with Chairman Thackston that he would be willing to step down from the Search Committee, as he is already on the Budget, Planning, and Recreation Committees, Chairman Thackston will remain on the Search Committee as the Selectman’s Rep.
5. Community Revitalization Tax Relief Incentive – RSA 79A – Chairman Thackston shared this with the Board as something to review. The Town of Winchester currently uses this and the City of Keene also uses this. It allows for assessment on property repairs to be frozen for 5 years. Board needs to read, also need to share with our Budget Committee, Planning and Zoning Board to see if this is something the Tow wants to present as a warrant article next year.
6. Payroll – Chairman Thackston shared with Board, his feeling on what he has heard about our payroll, his thought is it is confusing. In his opinion we should think about out-sourcing our payroll. There are many payroll services available, ADP, Sage Payroll Software, and Check Writers Payroll, just to name a few. The Board will discuss further as they look into the cost.

1. Mr. Ben Drugg would like the Board to reconsider the temp position to have someone come in as soon as possible, as it died because of lack of a second. MOTION made by Selectman Hopkins, SECOND by Chairman Thackston, VOTE is unanimous. MOTION made by Selectman Hopkins to hire Jody McDermott at $11.00 per hour or up to 90 days, no second on the motion, much discussion followed. Selectman Hopkins withdrew his motion.
2. Mr. Ben Drugg asked if we would consider adding Rhonda and Sheryl’s report on quick books to the agenda for next week
3. Mr. Ben Drugg asked if we would consider contracting our Welfare Position out.

MOTION made by Selectman Hopkins to go into Non Public Session for the purpose of Litigation per RSA 91A 3E &C. SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher, VOTE is unanimous. MOTION made by Selectman Hopkins to go out of Non Public Session back to Public Session, SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher, VOTE is unanimous.

MOTION made by Selectman Hopkins to go into Non Public Session for the purpose of Personnel per RSA 91A:3B. SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher, VOTE is unanimous. MOTION made by Selectman Hopkins to go out of Non Public Session back to Public Session, SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher, VOTE is unanimous.

MOTION made by Selectman Hopkins to go into Non Public Session for the purpose of Exemptions per RSA 91A:3:2C. SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher, VOTE is unanimous. MOTION made by Selectman Hopkins to go out of Non Public Session back to Public Session, SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher, VOTE is unanimous.

Selectmen Hopkins MOVED to adjourn at 9:37 pm SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher, VOTE is unanimous.


Rhonda Sheats Richard Thackston, Chairman
Temporary Secretary

Barbara Guelcher

Curtis Hopkins