Gay-Kimball LibraryGay-Kimball Library

March 2022 Library Trustee Minutes

March 2nd 5:30pm 

Attendees: Kristan Tilton, Trustee; Tiffany Smith, Trustee; Colleen Brennan, Trustee; Jennifer Momaney, Director

1 public attendee (late arrival)

KT called the meeting to order at 5:35pm

Approve Minutes: KT made a motion to approve Feb Minutes. CB seconded, none opposed.

Public Comments- question was asked where the GKL trustee meetings were posted besides library website.  KT explained it is available in the Troy Town News, which every resident receives by mail, posted in the Library breezeway  and at the Troy Town Hall as well.

Treasurer’s report

Checking: $ 4,629.44

Memorial Fund: $ 3,723.80

Fines: $ 76.75

Petty Cash: $ 183

Total: $ 8,612.99

1.  February Librarian’s Statistics

Door count: 502

Programs: 11 total programs

Make and Take: 16

Book Talk: (2) 1

Story and STEM: 6

Storytime: (4) 9 children 4 adult

Toddler Time (Rec Center) Storytime: (2) 14

Circulation: 1049

Computer: 25

Digital Content Downloads (Libby): 117

Overdues: 49 overdues (21 patrons)

Old Business

  • Staffing Update- Mary has given her notice and will be leaving at the end of March.
  • 2022 Strategic Plan update – handouts reviewed by trustees
  • AED pads came in and the AED is now updated and functioning.
  • Budget:
    • Our side of the budget – everything looks good.  JM will be looking into grants to fund some of the programs she has planned for GKL.  At this time she doesn’t see that money is a concern for the year. She will keep trustees updated as the year progresses.

New Business

Revisit of Masking Policy- GKL has linked the masking policy to follow in  line with the recommendations of the Troy elementary school.  As per CDC guidelines, the governor of NH and Troy school policy: KT made a motion to change the GKL policy and  sign on the door to masking optional. TS seconded. None opposed.

February 12th Professional Development report – handouts reviewed.

Review of current material reconsideration policy and borrowing policy: JM will be adding policies regarding programs at GKL.  She will present it to trustees at the next meeting.

Book Sale Date and precautions- hand out reviewed by trustees. KT made a motion to move forward with the book sale on May 14th with the guidelines provided by JM. TS seconded. None opposed.

Library Website- JM is planning changes to make the GKL website more user friendly.  Reviewed ideas with trustees and asked for input.  JM is able to create a website and will not require a services or financial assistance at this time.  JM to present official changes to board next meeting.

KT made a motion to adjourn meeting at 6:05pm TS seconded. None opposed.

Next Meeting April 6th 5:30pm