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Rec Dept Meeting notes 7/13/2022

Rec Dept Meeting Notes July 13, 2022

Members Present: Bob Norton, Ray Saunders, Bill Stinson
Stephanie Campbell, Curtis Hopkins, Deb Wilson, Sarah Thompson

Members Absent: Dave Ellis, Lexie Hopkins
Jake Bertolami, Kyle Smith, Pilar Goodell, Tammy Eyring

Call To Order: 7:11PM


Notes From Last Meeting:

Selectman's Corner:

Treasurer's Report:

New Business:

01. Discussed the chicken BBQ on the common 07/15/2022

02. Discussed Summer Camp 2022

03. Discussed Concert on the common Sunday 07/17/2022 2PM

04. Discussed The Senior Breakfast Sat Aug 06, 2022
     Tabled until Sept.

05. Discussed The Haunted House 

06. Discussed Scarecrows on the common
     Meet The Candidates on Thurs Oct 13, 2022

07 Discussed Finfest at the Troy Elementary School
     Oct Fri 28th & Sat 29th 2022

Meeting Adjourned : 9:00PM