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Monday, November 16, 2015 4:00 p.m.

Selectmen Present: Allan Bailey, and William T. Matson


Selectmen Bailey called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.

Selectmen Matson MOVED to accept Selectmen Meeting Minutes from November 9, 2015 SECOND Selectmen Bailey VOTE unanimous

Present: Marcy Johnson, Dave Ellis, Janet McCullough, Keith Pike from TD Bank

4:01 pm Selectmen Bailey called a non-public meeting under the RSA 91-A:3, II, (j) and RSA 91-A:5, IV.

4:30 pm Selectmen Matson MOVED to come out of non-public session SECOND Selectmen Bailey VOTE unanimous

Mr. Pike wanted to mention direct deposit for the employees of the town. It can be done through e-treasury and will have a dual release. Selectmen Matson asked what would be the cost to the Town to be able to provide this service. Mr. Pike stated that they would offer the service at no charge.

4:53 pm Jim from St. Jean Auctioneers – Mr. St. Jean stated that he would need a month to put the auction together. There are 2 ways to do the auction with or without a reserve. The property would be sold as is with no warranty. St. Jean Auctioneers does all the advertising. The auctions are usually done on a Saturday at the Town Hall but he doesn’t see the need for this auction to be done on a Saturday. He is thinking the property would sell for $40,000 – $50,000. Selectmen Matson MOVED to contact Mr. St. Jean at the end of February to set up the auction date SECOND Selectmen Bailey VOTE unanimous

Roy Bros Oil Petition – Alissa Fox stated that the letter to Roy Bros was sent out on October 19, 2015 requesting information from Roy Bros and there has been no response. Selectmen Matson MOVED to have Mrs. Fox write up a memo to the Select Board with her findings from the oil audit SECOND Bailey VOTE unanimous

5:30 pm Eilse Breen and Peter Breen, 111 North Main St – Mrs. Breen is inquiring why the building permit for work done by Mystic Rose Café was put in her name when she never applied for it. Mrs. Breen wants verification from Selectmen’s meeting minutes for anytime that Father Antonio came in to see the Board. Selectmen Matson stated that Mrs. Fox could get you the minutes of the Selectmen’s Meeting. Mrs. Breen also requested the she would like the procedure for building permits wrote up on letterhead.

5:52 pm Peter Bastoni, 102 West Hill Rd – Mr. Bastoni came in to let the Select Board know that all of the mess around the yard and RV have been picked up. The only thing left is some wood near the road that will be picked up. Selectmen Matson MOVED to give Peter Bastoni a 5 month permit for his son to live in the RV that will expire on April 16, 2016 SECOND Selectmen Bailey VOTE unanimous

Rental Ordinance – Table till next week

12 County Lane Complaint report from Dan Moore – Selectmen Matson MOVED to send back to Mr. Moore to have him revise SECOND Selectmen Bailey VOTE unanimous

285 Monadnock St Application for Release of Security letter from Attorney Little – Selectmen Matson MOVED to wait till next week to discuss with Marcy Johnson SECOND Selectmen Bailey VOTE unanimous

Worldwide Computer Solutions 2016 Quote – Mrs. Fox explained to the board the different charges that Worldwide Computer is billing for. Mrs. Fox also mentioned it would be not much of a difference if we went with the $380 a month charge for unlimited service that can be broken out into Police Dept., Selectmen’s Office, Town Clerks Office, and Highway Depart. Selectmen Matson MOVED to have Mrs. Fox breakout all computer costs for each department for next year’s budget and to go with the unlimited maintenance SECOND Selectmen Bailey VOTE unanimous

$250 Line item request from Jim Dicey for the Cemetery Dept. for building and maintenance Selectmen Bailey MOVED to have Mrs. Fox add the $250 Building and Maintenance line item to the Cemetery Budget SECOND Selectmen Matson VOTE unanimous

Attorney Little Letter tabled till next week

Selectmen Matson MOVED to adjourn at 6:40 pm SECOND Selectmen Bailey VOTE unanimous

Alissa Fox

Administrative Assistant


Howard M. Sheats, Jr. Chairman

William T. Matson.

Allan Bailey