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Monday, December 29, 2014 – 5:00 p.m.
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Selectmen Present: William T. Matson, Gideon L. Nadeau, Sr. and Robert J. Kemp, Jr.

Public Present: Meghan Foley (Keene Sentinel)

Chairman Matson called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Administrative Business:
• Payroll Register, December 1, 2014, onwards needs to be reviewed and approved
• Accounts Payable Register, December 1, 2014, onwards needs to be reviewed and approved

Chair Matson MOVED to postpone acceptance of the Meeting Minutes from December 1, 2014. SECOND: Selectman Kemp. VOTE: Unanimous.

5:00 pm
Chair Matson takes roll call and moves to non public @5:01pm – 5:20pm back in public session

Chair Matson asks AVT to copy and place Rec Center Policies and Procedures in the selectmen binders for the next meeting

Jim Dicey requests funds to stock supplies in the Rec Center such as dishwasher soap, Chair Matson requests a list of what is needed, so the needs can be funded.

Selectman Nadeau makes a motion to approve buying supplies out of the this years budget, not to exceed 500.00 for the Rec Center, Rob Kemp Seconds, vote is unanimous

Jim Dicey wants to know if we have a contract on propane or if it’s just oil, they are more expensive than Roy Brothers. If we own the tanks – anyone can fill it, Mr. Dicey will check on that & repot back.

Dick Thackston (Chairman of the MRSD School Board): would like feedback on the advisory article being worked on in regards to Gilsum school. The school board is soliciting input from the town select board, resigning chairmanship on Tuesday night.

Chair Matson, tomorrow night is the budget meeting. Tom intends to address this with that group and may potentially make a motion to reduce the budget by 660,000.00 which is the low estimate of cost for the Gilsum Elementary school. 5:43pm he leaves and Allen Treadwell from TwinBridge Services joins the group.

Allen takes floor to review the quote provided to the group and distributed. Police Station update: there are new computers in boxes, file server with a failed ray-drive (no backup besides that makes this a critical issue), new file server that has new software installed but not an adequate server for the job. It will cost a few thousand dollars on a good file server but what we currently have is not the right solution will not support software but especially not tri-tech (our police station is 4 major revisions behind and it only supports one user at a time). He has created a proposal to replace that piece of equipment.

On the town side: has nothing I the way of centralized data storage or data security & probably 2 “ok” computers, that will need to be replaced in 2-3 years. The issue becomes that the software will advance past a point that the computers we currently have can handle.

We did buy maintenance contracts and then didn’t install upgrades so we have been paying for software we don’t use. Allen can also unify & back-up emails. This also allows us to get a calendar going which allows us not only to schedule but to share reminders. Allen has been in business for 24 years, picking up the pieces in situations like this is exactly what he does. First thing we need to do is find out who has what, who needs what & why. We need to protect our information and time which is at risk currently with no controls or back-ups in place.

$24,045.00 is approx the cost that performing all recommended upgrades to service and equipment. End of January would be the start.

6:29pm Allen leaves

6:30pm Aaron lets them know he has picked up 20 applications for review.

6:31: Herb brings ZBA notice of decision for the special exception that needs to be mailed out. AVT will mail out and handle.

Chair Matson asks for questions in regards to the Twin Bridge proposal, Robs asks for clarity on why the server isn’t big enough – answer is it was under estimated when purchased and installed.

Gideon does not want to support encumbering funds, he thinks it should be made a warrant article and voted on.

Chair Matson asks what his solution to the security issues are? His solution is to not spend it unless its voted on by the town, Gideon states that we received no other quotes. Chair Matson reminds him that the group reviewed 3 quotes this was the lowest.

Chair Matson reminds group this is a way of relieving the tax burden, the fund to be encumbered have already been voted on and the people have already been taxed.

Gideon says he thinks it should be “sent out to bid” & get other proposals. He reiterates that he cannot support the motion until it is voted on by the town since the $12,000.00 allocated for last year & has mostly been used already. Using $32,000.00 is more than twice what the town expects.

Chair Matson states that the lowest priced bid isn’t always the best, that’s what we did last year which is why we are in the position we are now.

Chair Matson makes a motion to encumber $24,045.00 for the acceptance of Twin Bridge Services contract. Gideon votes no, Rob Kemp votes no – Rob Kemp was the second.

Selectmen Nadeau asks when we will be getting to a copy of policies and procedures for the Rec Center, Rob reminds us that we voted on the policies and procedures at last weeks meeting with Carrie in attendance. It will be put on next weeks agenda for review and a vote.

Person who cleans library is not available for the town hall and community center job description at the library as our guidelines, rate is set at 11.50. Chair Matson asks group how they want to handled filling the janitorial position.
Gideon makes a motion to add a line item of a janitor at the rate of 11.50 for 4 hours or as needed for the town hall and community center. Rob Kemp seconds, RK – yes, GN – yes, TM – yes.

Chair Matson requests that AVT create a janitorial ad to be posted by the select board.

Gideon states he wrote an ad for the welfare administrator but forgot it. Chair Matson makes motion to close town offices at noon on New Years Eve. TM seconds, vote unanimous.

Gideon makes motion to pay all full time employees for a full day on Christmas Eve, not the hours worked (hours worked was until noon, they will be paid until 4pm. Rob Kemp seconds, vote is unanimous.

Chair Matson makes a motion to accept both sets of minutes as revised.

Gideon: where are we in regards to payroll, if we are all set with Mike & if Rhonda will be taking over.

TM: he will close out the year on Jan 15th and we can go from there.

7:40 end time


Anna V. Thackston William T. Matson
Administrative Assistant

Gideon L. Nadeau, Sr.

Robert J. Kemp, Jr.