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Monday 1/05/2015
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Selectmen Present: William T. Matson, Gideon L. Nadeau, Sr. and Robert J. Kemp, Jr.

Public Present: Meghan Foley (Keene Sentinel)

Chairman Matson called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Administrative Business:
• Payroll Register, December 1, 2014, onwards needs to be reviewed and approved
• Accounts Payable Register, December 1, 2014, onwards needs to be reviewed and approved

Selectman Nadeau MOVED to postpone acceptance of the Meeting Minutes from December 1, 2014. SECOND: Selectman Kemp. VOTE: Unanimous.

4:45 pm
Roll call vote for moving non-public session RSA 91-A, NH to discuss personnel issues
6:30pm back in public session

Sean McGarry – interested in power station that abuts his piece of property that is being taken for back taxes. Selectman Nadeau pulls file for review.

Pat MacQueen states that there is an extensive and involved real estate process.

Chair Matson asks the board how they would look into this: Selectmen Gideon states that he will research the priced and process.

Chair Matson makes motion to have John Grove meet with town clerk to help with connectivity. Annie will email Marci so she is aware that someone will be in to help her, and he will be on the agenda for next week.

Kathy Merrick is the former admin for the town of Dublin, NH Mary Dwyer referred her for her experience in welfare administration in the town of Dublin:

1. You never give money to a recipient directly
2. No knowledge or adherence to RSA 165
3. There is no cap on what the town must spend on assistance
4. There is no year limit to how long a person can receive assistance

How welfare is distributed is a mathematical equation. She would pre-negotiate who would be supplying food or oil & then the town would reimburse for them monthly. Kathy explains “dumping” – as a way to discourage the town losing a welfare resident from dumping they pay the losing town pays the cost for the first 30-60 days. “Fair hearing” must be requested within 7 days of application, a welfare admin from another town runs the hearing.

Chair Matson asked Kathy about compensation for the welfare administrator.

Chair Matson reminds group that welfare stipend could be upped in consideration of the prior theft in the future if it is needed.

Selectman Nadeau asks about why the town might pay for a cell phone instead of a land line…Kathy explains that you cannot force someone to have a landline instead of a cell phone; there is no valid argument for a landline preferential to a cell phone.

Chair Matson thanks Kathy for coming and lets her know they will be posting the job in the paper & let her know the results in the coming weeks.

Selectman Nadeau asks her how she would handle a call for assistance on a Monday morning. Kathy references how Mary Drew handles this. Mary Drew schedules people for certain days in certain towns.

Kathy states that this would be a topic best suited for the Board of Selectmen that would depend on the needs of the town, skills and needs of person hired. Kathy requests that if she is hired that she be paid monthly not quarterly – Chair Matson responds that since they are building a position that is something that can be discussed.

Action Items for Admin:
Re-schedule everyone who needs to be from tonight’s meeting for last night
Add John Collins to next weeks agenda about revisions to the work application process
Research any documents on Travers property/Old Power Station

Non-public session:
1. what does Mike ONeill need/what is he doing
2. The November Financial report is missing according to Janet, the selectmen have asked her to re-print and re-submit
3. Send copy of letter from DRA to be sent to KRT appraisers

Selectman Nadeau makes motion to no longer have Mike ONeill come in and finish books – he suggests having Rhonda do it. Pat MacQueen interrupts and states that in speaking with Rhonda she is able to close out books from a book keeping standpoint, but not reconcile them as an accountant.

Selectman Nadeau withdraws his motion.

Selectman Kemp makes motion to keep Mike ONeill for 2 full days in (total of 16 hours). Selectman Nadeau seconds, vote passes unanimously.

Selectman Kemp suggests that they use LGC job descriptions and add anything that might be needed for the town as it arises.

Selectman Nadeau makes a motion that they to do a workshop to flesh out job descriptions. Selectman Kemp seconds, vote is unanimous. Tuesday January 20th will be their first meeting.

Selectman Kemp asks if they want to discuss “better communication skills” with department heads.

Pat MacQueen explains the difference between what can legally dictate a public or non-public session, as the board held a non-public session to discuss non-specific personnel issues.

Pat MacQueen explains that he will present a report next Monday January 12th that will re-cap his observations and then the group can proceed from there.
Selectman Kemp asks if we want to audit oil, he makes a motion to do so. Selectman Nadeau seconds, vote is unanimous.

Chair Matson asks how this should be communicated to the Police Chief. Group decides to have Annie email him.

Discussion of technical upgrades continues. Pat MacQueen tries to bridge the communication by restating the point from last week about upgrading the PD & addressing software upgrades and backups. Selectman Nadeau states that if someone “can convince him that we should spend $25,000.00 – he will”. Chair Matson states that he has given it his best assessment & made his suggestions, he will leave it to the rest of the board to determine what the course of action will be for 2015.

Town Report: suggestion made to call Mrs. Redfield about typing the town report. Pat MacQueen states that is not logical, and there are many ways to have it printed.

Group speculates on why we print a town report. Pat MacQueen discusses tradition. Chair Matson asks the group who wants to take the lead on this project. Group decided that Selectman Nadeau will call Brayshaw publishing, and determine what we need to move forward.

AVT will post job for the welfare administrator, administrative assistant, and janitor. She will copy and paste ad from the municipal site.
Selectman Nadeau makes motion that ads will be run in the Keene Sentinel & Jaffery Ledger & Unemployment run ad for three days. Seconded by Selectman Kemp, vote is unanimous.

Chair Matson asks Selectmen Kemp and Nadeau if they have anything else to come before the board.

Chair Matson references email from Carrie Matson, about how deposits should be handled. This is on next weeks agenda for review. The select board will need to meet with Marci on this as well as Carrie.

Chair Matson references an email from Meghan Foley, her questions are:
1. What are the selectmen’s comments or thoughts on Cindy’s theft? – no comment
2. Cindy was allegedly arrested at Hannaford’s in 2000, what members of the current select board were members then? – no one was on the board
3. What are the boards thoughts or comments on the alleged shoplifting? – no comment

Selectman Nadeau states that “no” he does not want Janet training Annie because he does not know who will actually be hired and he “doesn’t want to waste the time” on training Annie.

Other Business:

Chairman Matson MOVED to adjourn the meeting at 8:52 p.m. SECOND: Selectman Kemp. VOTE: Unanimous.


Anna V. Thackston William T. Matson
Administrative Assistant

Gideon L. Nadeau, Sr.

Robert J. Kemp, Jr.