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Monday, July 13, 2015 5:00 p.m.

Selectmen Present: Howard M. Sheats, Jr., Gideon Nadeau Sr., and William T. Matson


Chairman Sheats called the meeting to order at 5:11 p.m.


Present: Megan Foley from The Keene Sentinel


5:11 pm James Dicey – The Selectmen asked if the ditches are being cleaned out. Mr. Dicey stated that the one on South St was clean out 4 years ago. There are ditches that get cleaned out on a yearly basis if they are trouble spots. Mr. Dicey stated that if Josh Ellis has an area of concern with the ditches that he needs to tell him and he will clean it out. Mr. Ellis wanted Mr. Dicey to use his tar cutter to cut a hole by his culvert and he would do the rest of work himself. Mr. Dicey stated that the Public Works Department does not own a cutter they always borrow one from the Water and Sewer Department. Chairman Sheats said that he would inquire to the Water and Sewer Department.


Mr. Dicey wanted to know what the resolution was for the 300 yards of sand for winter. Selectmen Matson MOVED for Mr. Dicey to get sand SECOND Selectmen Nadeau VOTE unanimous


Mr. Dicey stated that Louis Piskolti on Mackey Rd would like to put a dummy lock on the gate The Selectmen said No.


Mr. Dicey would like to sell the old sander. Does he need to put it out for bid or can he just put a listing on craigslist. The Selectmen said it was okay to sell on Craigslist.


Mr. Dicey gave an update on the new truck. It should be here in a few weeks.


Mr. Dicey heard from Dan Lang. Mr. Lang said that the deck at the community center needs to be treated asap or we will lose the cedar. Selectmen Matson MOVED to have Mr. Dicey get a quote on materials to treat the deck SECOND Selectmen Nadeau VOTE unanimous


Mr. Dicey stated he had a personnel issue to discuss.


Chairman Sheats MOVED to go into Non-Public session at 5:25 pm. SECOND Selectmen Matson VOTE unanimous


Chairman Sheats MOVED to come out of Non-Public session at 5:29 pm SECOND Selectmen Matson VOTE unanimous


Mr. Dicey shared with the Select board that the fire alarm was going off at the Town Hall all day on Friday. There was water in the heat sensor on the second floor. Mr. Dicey looked further into it to see why there was water in there apparently the roof is leaking. Mr. Dicey checked out the shingles on the roof and it appears that the whole roof needs replacing. Mr. Dicey called Barry Johnson and is waiting to hear back from him on a quote to replace the shingles on the roof.


Review of the minutes from July 6, 2015 Selectmen Matson MOVED to accept minutes SECOND Chairman Sheats VOTE unanimous


Intent to Cut – Selectmen Matson MOVED to restrict truck traffic between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm SECOND Selectmen Nadeau VOTE unanimous


Mileage & Home office expense for Jon Collins – Chairman Sheats MOVED for Mr. Collins to keep track of his mileage and submit it monthly for payment SECOND Selectmen Nadeau VOTE unanimous. Chairman Sheats MOVED to deny home office expenses cause there is no line item on the budget. It will need to be put into next year’s budget. SECOND Selectmen Nadeau VOTE unanimous


Chairman Sheats MOVED to reimburse Jon Collins for Office supplies SECOND Selectmen Nadeau VOTE unanimous


75 South St Complaint – The driveway washes out cause of work neighbor did to yard. The Selectmen would like James Dicey to take a look at it.


6:30 pm Anthony & Fenella Levick, Sign on Common – The Levick’s got approval in June of 1996 from the Selectmen to be able to put their blueberry sign on the common. James Dicey told them the other day when they were putting their sign up that no signs are allowed on the common. Selectmen Nadeau suggested they ask the DOT to put a sign up for them. Selectmen Matson states that there is no ordinance in Troy to not put a sign on the common. Mr. Matson also states that it is actually a State right of way and it is the States job to enforce their ordinance. Chairman Sheats tells the Levick’s that the Select Board has no right to tell you that you can’t put a sign on the edge of the common. The Levick’s are going to put their sign up till there is a town ordinance that is concrete.


6:45 pm Chris Raymond, Granite St Sidewalk Project – Mr. Raymond wanted to know if the town had a pre-construction contract with John Syrjamaki. He states that the quality of the project is low. The sidewalk surface is very rough. There are 4’ pieces of concrete that is on the asphalt. There is a lot of concrete debris. There are 2 drainage ditches on the sides of his property that are both clogged up. Mr. Raymond also states that the sidewalk is not straight. The Asphalt that was put down today does not look like a nice quality asphalt. There was asphalt residue left in the middle of the road that was not cleaned up. Selectmen Nadeau stated that Mr. Raymond had Mr. Syrjamaki put hard pack at the end of this driveway. Selectmen Nadeau asked Mr. Raymond how far up his driveway did he go with the hard pack. Mr. Raymond stated 18’. Selectmen Nadeau asked if he was ever billed for the hard pack. Mr. Raymond said that he has not as of yet. The Selectmen agreed to go take a look at the sidewalk.


After going down and taking a look at the sideway Chairman Sheats MOVED to hold the final check for John Syrjamaki till he Select Board could talk with him about the project SECOND Selectmen Nadeau VOTE unanimous

Selectmen Nadeau MOVED to adjourn at 7:40 pm SECOND Chairman Sheats VOTE: unanimous

Alissa Fox, Administrative Assistant


Howard M. Sheats, Jr. Chairman

William T. Matson

Gideon L. Nadeau, Sr.