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TOWN OF TROY: Monday, August 3, 2015 5:00 p.m.

Selectmen Present: Howard M. Sheats, Jr., Gideon Nadeau Sr., and William T. Matson

Chairman Sheats called the meeting to order at 5:17 p.m.

Selectmen Matson MOVED to accept July 27, 2015 Selectmen Meeting minutes SECOND Selectmen Nadeau VOTE unanimous

Selectmen Nadeau MOVED to get all of the deliveries slips from Roy Bros Oil from 2008 to 2014 and find out the cost that Roy Bros would charge to get these SECOND Selectmen Matson VOTE unanimous

5:23 pm – Todd Cavadini, Petition to take down gate at end of Mackey Rd – Mr. Cavadini stated that there should not be a gate on a town road. Mr. Cavadini states that there has been a lot of harassment going on since the gate has been put up and that there has even been gun shots fired. Chairman Sheats wants to verify signatures on the petition and make sure they are all registered voters. Selectmen Nadeau states that he thinks the harassment at the gate is a criminal problem and should be handled by the police department. Selectmen Matson thinks that a sign should be put up at the gate stating “any gate issues call police department”. Chairman Sheats told Mr. Cavadini that the people who have been harassed need to file a complaint with the police department. Chairman Sheats wants Louis Piskolti to come to the August 10, 2015 Selectmen’s meeting and discuss the harassment that has occurred at the gate. Mr. Cavadini states that Mr. Piskolti has no livestock so there is no need for a gate. The Select Board told Mr. Cavadini that they would be in touch in a few weeks.

Selectmen Matson proposes that Chief Ellis put the game cam up at the gate for a few weeks and to also call Eric at Fish and Game and have him do more patrolling up there. The Select Board agrees that this is a good idea.

Selectmen Matson wanted to follow up with the Select Board and let them know that he talked to Valerie Britton about the items that were missing from the Railroad Depot. Mrs. Britton informed Selectmen Matson that she took the items back when she moved out of town.

Selectmen Nadeau wanted to follow up with the Select Board on the discussion with Jim Dicey in regards to the steeple roof. The roof is rubber and does not need any replacing.

5:45 pm Lawrence Stacey of 46 South Main St – Mr. Stacey wanted to let the Select board know that he has been working on cleaning up his vehicle mess in his yard but he did not make the deadline from the letter that the Selectmen sent giving him till July 31, 2015 to get it all cleaned up. Selectmen Matson asked if a 30 day extension would work and Mr. Stacey said that it would be enough time to get the rest cleaned up. Selectmen Matson MOVED to give Mr. Stacey a 30 day extension on the cleanup of his vehicles SECOND Chairman Sheats VOTE unanimous

Selectmen Matson MOVED to accept DA Brothers bid to replace the town hall roof SECOND Chairman Sheats VOTE unanimous

Selectmen Matson MOVED to set-up a meeting with the Budget Committee for August 13, 2015 and go over the emergency funding to replace the roof SECOND Chairman Sheats VOTE unanimous

J&J Auto Body letter that came in on August 3, 2015 requesting all documents and emails pertaining to the discussion of the Select Board on their business and why the town is using other companies for towing services and servicing of the town vehicles. The Select Board has never discussed with any of the town employees on who to call for towing or servicing of the vehicles. The Select Board would like to send a letter stating this to J&J Auto Body and to also let them know that there is no documents that we can give them.

Selectmen Matson MOVED to send a copy of the letter that came from Jeanne Shaheen’s office about the award that the Police Department is receiving for their efforts in the Pumpkin Festival Riots to the Troy Town Newsletter SECOND Selectmen Nadeau VOTE unanimous

Selectmen Matson gave a quick update on the pipeline meeting that he attended in Milford last week.

Pavilion Electrical Quotes – Selectmen Matson MOVED to accept proposal from Record Electric for $600 to do the Pavilion’s electric and to also inform the recreation committee that they will use the money out of the revolving fund to pay for it SECOND Chairman Sheats VOTE unanimous

12 North Main St Complaint – A complaint came in on 12 North Main St from a tenant stating that there is mold in the basement and that the refrigerator is broken and the landlord will not fix any of it. Selectmen Matson MOVED to have Jon Collins go do an inspection on the property and see if there are any violations SECOND Chairman Sheats VOTE unanimous

156 Marlboro Rd Complaint – The Selectmen visited the site and met with Norm Whitney. The complaint is that there is no intent to cut and also that they have no permits for any of the digging that they are doing on the property. Selectmen Nadeau states that the big machines running over the water/sewer line that has an easement on that property is a possible problem and that the other issue is that they are digging right up to the river line and there is no sill cloth in place. Chairman Sheats is concerned that there is no intent to cut. Chairman Sheats looked up the laws for an intent to cut and it states that if the cut is under 10,000 board feet and is used for their own personal use then no intent to cut is needed. Selectmen Matson thinks that there should be a wetlands permit in place. Chairman Sheats would like Alissa Fox to call LGC and ask if the town has an easement to the property for the water/sewer line if the town has authority to restrict the use of the easement. Selectmen Nadeau would like Mrs. Fox to call the NH DES and find out since they are clearing up to the waterline if the town can give them a cease and desist till someone from the State can take a look at it.

6:25 pm Kathy & Barbara, Historical Society – Barbara spoke with Chief Ellis about having an inmate come and paint the gazebo floor. The paint is chipping and peeling off. The Historical Society will buy the paint. Kathy told the Selectmen that she would like to find some volunteers to replace the steps on the gazebo because they are not deep enough. The Historical Society is willing to pay for the lumber to replace the steps. The Selectmen have no problem with the stairs being replaced and having a volunteer do it, all that needs to be done is a signed sheet saying that they are

volunteering to replace the stairs. Selectmen Matson suggested asking Jerry Callahan about the stairs since he was the one who designed the gazebo.

6:35 pm Ted Fellows, Silica Pond Dam – Mr. Fellows told the Select Board that there is really nothing that we need to do at this time to the dam beside clear the brush that has grown up. If the brush is cleared and the town keeps doing the maintenance on the dam then the state should see no reason to get rid of it. Mr. Fellows says that he thinks that the rail trail is the real problem with the dam and that the state should help with the issue since it is their property. Mr. Fellows said that he would call Steve Doreen at the State and talk with him on behalf of the Town of Troy.

Selectmen Matson MOVED to have Jim Dicey clear the brush at Silica Pond Dam by September 1, 2015 SECOND Chairman Sheats VOTE unanimous

Rebeckah Bullock , ADA Feasibility – The Select Board would like Mrs. Fox to email Rebeckah Bullock and let her know that the town is in no position to move forward with the project at this time.

Kimball Hall, Floor damage – The Select Board would like Mrs. Fox to call Property Liability and file a claim for the damage that was done by the water leaking on the floor.

Selectmen Matson MOVED to adjourn at 7:07 pm SECOND Chairman Sheats VOTE unanimous


Alissa Fox, Administrative Assistant

Howard M. Sheats, Jr. Chairman

William T. Matson.

Gideon L. Nadeau, Sr.