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SELECT BOARD MEETING MINUTES mash-up of 5/18 & 6/1 minutes



Monday, June 1, 2015 5:00 p.m.

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Selectmen Present: Howard M. Sheats, Jr., Gideon L. Nadeau, Sr and William T. Matson


Chairman Sheats called the meeting to order at 5:09 p.m.

Review of the minutes from May 18, 2015 Selectmen Selectmen Nadeau MOVED to accept minutes SECOND Selectmen Matson VOTE unanimous

Troy Mills – Bob Hanson sent a letter stating that he pulled out of the Troy Mills Property cause no agreement had been made with Troy Redevelopment Group (TRG) by May 30, 2015. Mr. Hanson stated that no contact was made from Mike Walsh the Chairman of the TRG.

5:25 pm – Herb Drugg from the Zoning Board of Adjustments (ZBA): Mr. Drugg would like to see if the Selectmen could hire someone to take care of paperwork and minutes. Mr. Drugg spoke with Henry Underwood to see if he could help do them for the ZBA. Mr. Underwood stated to Mr. Drugg that he would help out for the short term till they found someone else to do it. Selectmen Nadeau stated that Mary Lou Hall used to do it and was very good at the position. Selectmen Nadeau asked the board if they would mind if he gave Mrs. Hall a call to see if she had any interest. The Select Board thought it was a good idea. Selectmen Matson stated if we had to we could put an ad in the Keene Sentinel. Selectmen Matson MOVED for Selectmen Nadeau to give Mrs. Hall a call. SECOND Chairman Sheats VOTE unanimous

Mr. Drugg questioned if the forsenic audit was going to be done in regards to Cindy Satas. Chairman Sheats stated we got paid for resistituion and for MRI fees. Chairman Sheats voiced his concern with the cost of the forsenic audit and if we would actually find anything during it that would recoup our costs of the audit thus resulting in his decision not to move forward with the forsenic audit. Mr. Drugg wanted to know if the Select Board had found out what holes are the system that allowed this to happen in the first place and are they fixing these holes so that it does not happen in the future. Selectmen Matson explained how we have report from MRI that has suggestions of things we can improve on. Some things have been done but not a lot of changes have been made. Mr. Drugg wants to know the future plan. Chairman Sheats stated that we will pull out the MRI report and start working on the suggested changes.

6:10 pm – Carrie Matson and Jon Collins, Recreation Committee – Mrs. Matson wanted to let the Select Board know that she is not charging Valeria Britton for the use of the Community Center on July 18, 2015 for her mothers memorial service. Mrs. Matson stated that Mr. Collins should take over the job of recreation director because h is basically all ready doing it. Chairman Sheats asked Mr. Collins if he would like to be recreation director. Mr. Collins said he didn’t mind doing it. Selectmen Matson MOVED to make Mr. Collins interim Recreation Director since he had been doing it since May 18, 2015 SECOND Chairmen Sheats VOTE unanimous

6:40 pm – Warren Selectmen Matson MOVED to accept the May 14th workshop minutes with the change SECOND Selectmen Nadeau VOTE unanimous

Computers – Rhonda Sheats explained the new proposal from Worldwide Computer Solutions that was without The Water & Sewer Department being included. Selectmen Nadeau MOVED to talk about the computer at the next meeting after an updated on the budget SECOND Chairmen Sheats VOTE unanimous

5:30 pm – Chief Ellis – Chairmen Sheats asked why wouldn’t we letter the cruiser. Chief Ellis stated that some of the Town’s people and himself like it unmarked. Chief Ellis said he has no problem putting lettering on but he needs help with the cost because there is not enough money budgeted for it. Chief Ellis is going to get a quote for the lettering and bring it before the Select

Board. Chairmen Sheats asked Chief Ellis if all the special detail information that the auditors were looking for has been completed. Chief Ellis stated that all the information he has was given to them.

Chairmen Sheats also questioned on whether or not the town as been paid for all of the special duties. Chief Ellis stated that we still have some open invoices. Selectmen Matson states that a 30 day net terms should be put on the invoice. Chief Ellis asked about trash receptacles be put at the Community Center so that the trash is not being knocked over. Chief Ellis asked about bikes being allowed on the skate park ramps. The Select Board said that bike’s could be allowed as long as helmets are worn. Chairmen Sheats would like Chief Ellis to write up an ordinance stating that if there is no helmet being worn there will be a fine. Also discussed getting a grant through the State for helmets to loan out at the Community Center. Chief Ellis is going to look into the grant. The Police Department will be enforcing the helmet law on the streets. Chief Ellis stated that an ordinance should be made for dogs having a leash at all times at the Community Center.

6:00 pm – Jon Collins – Need to do something about getting a new Recreation Director now that Mrs. Pearsall has resigned. Mr. Collins is recommending Deb Wilson. The Select Board told Mr. Collins that they need to run an ad in The Keene Sentinel for the position. They will have to do interviews before they can pick a person for the position.

Community Center Rental Fee Agreement – Select Board reviewed the Rental Fees Agreement presented from the Recreation Committee. Selectmen Matson MOVED to take out of the $7.00 charge for every 15 minutes over the hour SECOND Selectmen Nadeau VOTE unanimous

Chairmen Sheats MOVED to table the Community Center Rental Fees Agreement till next meeting SECOND Selectmen Matson VOTE unanimous

Chief Ellis came back in and asked who would be filling in doing scheduling of community center. Chairmen Sheats said that he would give Carrie Matson a call.

Papaleo Abatement – Send letter to Papaleo like the one sent to Mrs. O’Dett. Selectmen Nadeau explained deeper about that they don’t have a reason for abatement. Selectmen Nadeau stated we should send letter explaining that there is nothing we can do about the tax rate.

Jody McDermott’s questions regarding the cleaning out of the dam. Selectmen Nadeau MOVED to make no comments on Mrs. McDermott’s questions.

Selectmen Nadeau withdrew MOTION.

The Select Board said that they are not aware of any permits required to clean out the dam.

Budget Line Items – Mrs. Sheats stated that she contacted LGC in regards to the line item for toll charges and LGC said that if the line item has a 0 we can’t use that line item. We will have to move the toll charges to the regular telephone line item.

Deeded Properties – Chairmen Sheats asked the other Selectmen if we should send out letters to property holders that are going to be deeded in June. All Selectmen were in favor.

Selectmen Nadeau MOVED to adjourn at 6:42pm SECOND Selectmen Matson VOTE: unanimous


Alissa Fox, Administrative Assistant


Howard M. Sheats, Jr. Chairman

William T. Matson

Gideon L. Nadeau, Sr.