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Select Board Minutes: April 4, 2017



Tuesday, April 4, 2017 6:30 p.m.

Selectmen Present:  Allan Bailey, Barbara Guelcher and Curtis Hopkins


Chairman Bailey called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Present: Adam Dubriske, Gary Lang, Mike Cummings

Selectmen Hopkins MOVED to accept the Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes from March 27, 2017 SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Mike Wilbur building inspector from Marlborough –Chairman Bailey asked if Mr. Wilbur’s position was full-time or part-time in Marlborough.  Mr. Wilbur stated that it is part-time.  Chairman Bailey asked how much and how do you get paid. Mr. Wilbur stated that the pay is $35/hr and that he is on the payroll not a subcontractor. Chairman Bailey asked if Mr. Wilbur would be willing to be the on-call building inspector for $35/hr for the Town of Troy.  Mr. Wilbur stated that he would.  Mr. Wilbur also stated that Marlborough charges by sq.ft. for the inspection fee.  Selectmen Hopkins asked what Mr. Wilbur’s credentials are for the position.  Mr. Wilbur stated that he has been a builder for 30 years, worked for Keene as a building inspector for a few years and now is the building inspector for Marlborough. Chairman Bailey stated that the board would discuss the position and get back to Mr. Wilbur.

Lisa Steadman, School Board Rep – Mrs. Steadman stated that she attended the NH State Legislator meeting in Concord and wanted to give the Board of Selectmen an update on Bill 193 which is for an educational savings accounts for adequacy which would amount to $5500 per student.  It would allow for the parents to get that money and have their child go to another district or to homeschool the children.  Mrs. Steadman is against this Bill.

Gary Lang commented on Mrs. Steadman’s update of the educational savings account.

Friday, April 7, 2017 Troy School Inspection at 1:00 pm

Map 32 Lot 2A Complaint – TABLED

Map 12 Lot 3 & 11 Ridley Real Estate – Sign lawyer’s contract – TABLED till correspondence file.

Learning Steps Daycare inspection – 4/7/17 @ 10:00 am Selectwoman Guelcher and Fire Chief Huntoon

Wood from DA Brothers for Bandstand – being paid this week

Mill Update from Selectmen Hopkins – Selectmen Hopkins contacted Dick Thackston and Mr. Thackston told Selectmen Hopkins to call Attorney Little.  Attorney Little told Selectmen Hopkins to get a hold of Andy Sanborn and Governor Sununu to put a push on bankruptcy court. Attorney Little told Selectmen Hopkins that the Troy Redevelopment Group really owns the Mill property. Mike Walsh told Selectmen Hopkins that the Bankruptcy Court needs to make a judgement. Selectmen Hopkins called Mark Cornell and he is no longer there. Selectmen Hopkins spoke to Victor Dayhare’s assistant Barbara and she stated that the case has been closed and no decision was made. Chairman Bailey asked for Mike Walsh and Dick Thackston to come in.  Selectmen Hopkins had already asked this and they can’t because of the bankruptcy. – TABLED

Gary Lang stated that the Troy Mills building needs way more work and it will be hard to get people to come in and work on it.

Ben Drugg & Herb Drugg – Mr. B. Drugg handed out some paperwork that researched the Administrative Assistants pay since she was hired in April of 2015. Mr. B. Drugg stated that the welfare salary was already a part of the salary she received. Mr. B. Drugg stated that the Mrs. Fox shouldn’t be punished for the mistake by the Select Board or the Town but her pay should be frozen till yearly salary increase catch up.

Fire Chief Mark Huntoon – Mr. Huntoon wants to know how he is supposed to pay for the rest of the invoices for the new brush truck.  Mr. Huntoon was told that the Fire Dept. received $60,000 for the new brush truck.  Now Mr. Huntoon can’t pay for the rest of the invoices because the rest of the money was voted to be put into the trust. Mr. Huntoon spoke at the Budget Public Hearing and let them know that he would have a few more invoices that would need to be paid. Chairman Bailey stated that we will pay it out of the budget and somehow at the end of the year find the money.

Gazebo – Mr. B. Drugg stated that at a previous meeting you discussed looking for the $10,000 in the budget to make the repairs to the Gazebo. Chairman Bailey stated that the board hasn’t discussed it yet but we have the lumber for the ceiling that we are going to pay for. Selectwoman Guelcher stated that we should call the Fire Marshal and have him come out and take a look at the stairs on the gazebo. Mr. H. Drugg stated that he called DA Brothers and asked if the lumber from Hamshaws could be brought back.  DA Brothers told Mr. H. Drugg that they would take it back. Selectwoman Guelcher told Mrs. Fox to not send the check for the lumber. Selectmen Hopkins asked if the Board cared if he had someone come take a look at the stairs and see how much it would cost to get the stairs done. The Board has no problem with having someone take a look at the stairs. Mrs. Fox can you have Jim Dicey shut the gazebo down?

Mr. B. Drugg asked the Select Board what the plans are for the future.  Chairman Bailey wants to have more residents informed of what we are doing and have more people attend meetings. Chairman Bailey stated that on the Auditors report from 2015 it was brought to the attention that the Treasurer was the only person that was an overseer over a few of the revolving accounts and we are making changes to the way things are done. Selectmen Hopkins would like job descriptions for each job position. Selectwoman Guelcher wants to see more ordinances in place. Selectmen Hopkins would like to have a building inspector in place and also would like to see something done with Troy Mills. Mr. B. Drugg stated that a Town Manager should be looked at.  Chairman Bailey asked who would report to the Town Manager, the public works director, Administrative assistant, Police Dept Chief, basically hired employees.  Mr. B. Drugg also stated that committees should be assigned for all these different projects in Town.  Selectwoman Guelcher thinks there should be an economic planning committee in Town. Mr. B. Drugg stated that the master plan for the Town is 10 years old.  Selectmen Hopkins stated that the Planning Board is meeting on April 5, 2017 and a new Chairman needs to be put in place.  Mr. B. Drugg would like to know how much of the master plan has been done in the last 10 years.  Mr. B. Drugg states there needs to be succession planning.

John Langevin building permit – Plot plan and set backs need to be on application. Selectmen Hopkins stated that we don’t know if all of these building permits are legal and they need to go to the planning board. Selectmen Hopkins will bring the permit to the planning board meeting on 4/5/17.

Joe from Troy Artic Cat Building permit – Selectmen Hopkins will bring the building permit application to the planning board meeting.

68 West Hill Complaint, Zoning Violation – Chairman Bailey drafted a letter to the landowner giving him 30 days to move the Goat pen.  

Selectmen Hopkins stated that the door at the SEP Community Center needs to be adjusted because it still does not close correctly.

Janitor Closet Door Unlocked – Selectmen Hopkins stated that the cleaning can’t be done after the rental of the building. Selectwoman Guelcher stated that the dust mop should be out but anything else needs to be kept in the closet and the janitor is responsible for everything else. Selectmen Hopkins why should we be making changes to the rental agreement over the one person complaining. Selectwoman Guelcher stated that cameras will be purchased and placed inside the building.  Selectmen Hopkins would like Bob Norton, Jim Dicey, and James Dunton to come into next week’s meeting. – TABLED

Town Hall – Pipe is under the building leaking that is being looked at by the Sewer/Water Department and Mr. Dicey. – TABLED

Granite St Turnaround – TABLED

Cottage a 91 North Main St. – Cottage is being worked on and was in agreement not to use the cottage to live in when the property was merged.  Selectmen Hopkins will bring this to the planning board for review.

Joseph Labrake – Ordinance on jake brakes TABLED

NHMA – Chairman Bailey would like to offer the NHMA the use of the SEP Community Center.  Chairman Bailey MOVED to offer the NHMA use of the SEP Community Center SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Chairman Bailey MOVED to adjourn at 8:53 pm SECOND Selectmen Hopkins VOTE  unanimous