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Select Board Minutes: August 1, 2016



Monday, August 1, 2016 5:00 p.m.

Selectmen Present: Barbara Guelcher, Allan Bailey and William T. Matson


Selectmen Matson called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Selectmen Bailey MOVED to accept the Selectmen’s Meeting minutes from July 28, 2016 and SECOND Selectwomen Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Firmin Property – Chairman Matson called the DES and spoke to them about the Firmin property. The DES stated that there isn’t much anyone can do if he is still an active business.

Bruce Summers from Worldwide Computer – Chairman Matson called to let him know that we had went with another company to do the Town website.

Chairman Matson would like the full budget printed out for next week’s meeting.

Community Center – Selectwomen Guelcher went to meet with Bob Norton and the insurance adjuster. The insurance adjuster stated that we need the fire safe doors in the basement.

Chris Holman, Fitzwilliam Selectmen – Mr. Holman would like to see more use of the rails for trails. There is a grant for $400,000 with a match of $80,000. Mr. Holman would like 4 towns to get in on it and raise the money because he would not want to use tax money for this. JB Mack is speaking for Fitzwilliam. Mr. Holman would like to invite the Troy Select Board to the Selectmen’s Meeting in Fitzwilliam tonight at 7:15 to listen to the speakers on the subject. Chairman Matson asked who in Fitzwilliam would be heading the position. Mr. Holman stated that Southwester Community Services would apply for the grant on behalf of the four towns. Chairman Matson stated that his only concern would be that the snowmobiles wouldn’t be able to use the rail trails anymore which would reduce income for some of the businesses in Town. Mr. Holman stated that the snowmobiles would still be able to use the rail trails.

Melanie Ellis, Scott Ellis, Kellie Ellis, Bruce Crowell, Paul Kilventon, from Monadnock Family Trails; Chief David Ellis, Jr. – Chairman Matson explained that the Town never had a Town Meeting in regards to allowing OHRV’s use the class VI roads per RSA 215. Selectmen Bailey suggested allowing OHRV’s on class VI roads unless otherwise posted and OHRV’s on class V when posted. Chairman Matson asked Chief Ellis if he thinks we should open Class VI roads to OHRV use. Chief Ellis stated yes. Chairman Matson MOVED to draft up ordinance for Town Meeting SECOND Selectmen Bailey VOTE unanimous Chairman Matson wants Monadnock Family Trails to host 2 OHRV safety courses each year at the Samuel E. Paul Community Center. Chairman Matson stated there would be no charge for the rental of the center. Chairman Matson also stated that if they would like to use the Samuel E. Paul Community Center for fundraisers that they can as long as they do a 50/50 raffle to benefit the center. Selectmen Bailey stated once the ordinance is drafted based on RSA 215-A15:9 it will forward over to Monadnock FamilyTrails to look over. Selectmen Bailey will draft the ordinance.

Quote from Bruce Summers from Worldwide Computers for UPS. Select Board asked Alissa Fox to go ahead and order.

MB Associates, Todd Bergeron – Mrs. Fox updated Select Board about his request for the insurance for the parking lot across from the Town Hall. The Select Board stated to just have Primex send MB Associates proof of insurance.

Ambulance update – TAI lawyer contacted Attorney Little to see where paperwork with Lynn Rust stood. Chairman Matson informed Attorney Little that we have the paperwork and thought that it was up to the former TAI to come in and get paperwork needed to complete previous years returns.

2 South Main St., LLC Building Permit Application – Chairman Matson MOVED to deny building permit in accordance with zoning regulation 14 C2 and recommend seeing the zoning board SECOND Selectmen Bailey VOTE unanimous

Bill Paju of 5 Granite St – Chairman Matson MOVED to adjust Mr. Paju Granite St tax bill prorated to the date of the fire SECOND Selectmen Bailey VOTE unanimous

Ambulance Billing Policy – Selectmen Bailey drafted a policy and would like the Select Board to look over and also forward it over to Fire Chief Huntoon to take a look at.

American Legion Meeting – Selectmen Bailey met with the American Legion last week. The group likes the idea of adding names to the monument. Selectmen Bailey is going to do some more research and try to get other vets in town to participate.

Budgets – Selectmen Bailey wants to bring every department and committee into see the Select Board about their budget for next year. Selectmen Bailey has a schedule so that all will be seen before the budget committee needs to finalize.

ATV Grant – Chairman Matson MOVED to allow Chief David Ellis, Jr. to enter in a contract with State of NH Fish and Game for the OHRV Law Enforcement grant for $1080.00 with full signing authority SECOND Selectwomen Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Chairman Matson MOVED to adjourn at 6:59 pm SECOND Selectmen Bailey VOTE