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Select Board Minutes: February 27, 2017



Monday, February 27, 2017 5:00 p.m.

Selectmen Present:  Barbara Guelcher, Allan Bailey and William T. Matson


Chairman Matson called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Present: Adam Dubriskie

Ron Scribner Abatement or reduction in taxes letter request – Send elderly paperwork application and the PA-29 form.

Health Inspection for school – Mrs. Fox call Dave LaPointe and ask for #3 on Health Inspection Report.

Sign off by Chairman Matson to pay invoices for Lynn Rust CPA for Troy Ambulance Inc. Chairman Matson MOVED to pay years 2012, 2013, 2014 of Troy Ambulance Inc tax forms SECOND Selectmen Bailey VOTE unanimous

Selectmen Bailey MOVED to accept Selectmen Meeting Minutes from February 14, 2017 SECOND Chairman Matson VOTE unanimous

  Complaints Map 32 Lot 2A – Selectwoman Guelcher got information from the State of NH.  
  Made copies for each of Selectmen to review and read.  TABLED

  5:30 pm Suspend Meeting for Public Hearing – Fireworks Ordinance

  5:50 pm Open Selectmen’s Meeting

Henry Underwood from the Planning Board – Mr. Underwood has gone over the Dollar General    
 sign permit application and has contacted them they are going to redo the plans.

Mr. Underwood came into the Select Board to discuss the Mobile Home Park Ordinance.  The      
 Ordinance allows for replacement but not for addition. In the enforcement section #7 any person  
 or person should get a permit through the board of Selectmen early for each mobile home in the
 park. Mr. Underwood stated that the Planning Board can have a work session and discuss this
 ordinance and any changes that need should be changed. Mr. Underwood would like to know the
 position of the Select Board on this matter. The Select Board stated since the Town hasn’t been
 charging for the yearly permit at least in the last 5 years that it should probably be taken out of the

 Mrs. Fox asked Mr. Underwood about the Mike Walsh trust transfer.  Mr. Underwood stated that
 it needs to be changed back to the original trust it was in due to the fact that the land was not

 Mrs. Fox stated that Joann Baxter called in and explained that she has not been keeping up with
 the original payment plan that she made with the Select Board.  Mrs. Baxter explained that she can
 now pay and will pay off the $2000 by July that she had agreed upon. Chairman Matson MOVED to allow Mrs. Baxter to pay $2000 by July 3rd, 2017 SECOND Selectwoman Guelcher VOTE unanimous

Janet McCullough government form request – Mrs. McCullough is request the will from Elizabeth
 Giorgianni.  The Select Board stated that a will wasn’t provided all that we received was the Trust

Janet McCullough government form request for all 2220 accounts that were printed out of BMSI
 at year end 2016 and the invoices copied that goes with each transaction that was taken out of each
 account. The Select Board to go ahead and copy all the printouts from the BMSI system and Mrs.
 McCullough can come into the Selectmen’s Office during business hours and pull the invoices she
 would like and copy them.

Mrs. Fox stated that at last week’s meeting with Mr. Dicey that an ad was going to run in the
 Monadnock Shopper for 3 days for a Transfer Station attendant.  Mrs. Fox stated that the
 Monadnock Shopper only runs 1 day a week and that it probably should be put in the Keene
 Sentinel.  The Select Board stated to run the ad in the Keene Sentinel.

Chairman Matson MOVED to adjourn at 6:26 pm SECOND Selectmen Bailey VOTE unanimous